[WGM PREVIEW] 120901 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.30

Lee Teuk ♡ Sora: Suffer (?) if Going Out of Home

Lee Teuk & Sora arrived at the camping site.

The sweet couple wore pants and set the camping car ~

The couple set a hammock between the shades of the trees! Could they succeed safe and sound?

Lee Teuk & Sora prepared for the camping flowers(?) ~ Barbeque!

Sora was responsible for cooking the rice and Leeteuk prepared for the charcoal-fired grill ~

Could the couple’s delicious barbeque be edible?

Source: MBC
Translated by: Hanyi
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[WGM PREVIEW] 120825 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.29

Roughly translated from MBC text preview:-

Lee Teuk ♡ Sora: Teuk-Kang Couple “Going for a Camping Day”

Leeteuk & Sora came to outdoor swimming pool for a tan!
Sora applied tanning oil to Leeteuk and she even did a pedicure for Leeteuk’s feet~

At this time,a surprise a guest appeared to the pool – brother in law Sungmin! With Sungmin, the two of them played a feet “rock-paper-scissors” game.
What would happened to Leeteuk-Sora at the end of the game?

After a few days later, Leeteuk & Sora went for a camping with a camping car they got from WooJung couple! First time being in the camping car, the two of them goes to every corner of it, checking the car~
Teuk_Kang Couple first camping, how it’s going to be?

Trans by : hiedi (@nhb19)

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[NEWS] Does Super Junior’s Leeteuk have white toe nails since birth?


Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently told Sungmin that he has white toe nails since birth.

Kang So Ra transformed into a one day manager for Leeteuk on MBC’s We Got Married. The couple went to a swimming pool to tan their skin. When Kang was putting tanning oil on Leeteuk, Sungmin made a surprising appearance at the swimming pool.

Leeteuk showed off his polished toe nails to Sungmin. Sungmin asked him if he painted his toe nails, Leeteuk made people laugh by saying that he has white toe nails since birth. But the truth was Kang painted Leeteuk’s toe nails with while nail polish.

When they went back to their house after finishing the day, Leeteuk decided to cook for Kang, who worked hard for him all day long. He will cook pasta, which was recognized by Super Junior members.

Lovely episode in which Leeteuk and Kang appear will air on August 25th

Source: TV Report

cr: en.korea.com

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[WGM Preview] 120818 Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.28

Text Preview for WGM to be aired on August,18th 2012 :

Teukie ♡ Sora: Face-to-Face with the Third Person

Sora becomes Groom Teuk’s one-day manager!

Help opening the door is the basic! From the dedicated badge for the singer to the name card of “Dimple Entertainment”, Sora meticulously prepared everything!

First schedule! The couple goes to lunch!

[Teukie said he knows Sora’s meaningful (?) remarks] and go to the restaurant where they will meet the one who triggers jealously, who is No. 1 brother-in-law Sungmin!

Finally, the meeting between Teukie vs Sora vs Sungmin has come! What will be the appearances of the three?

[Translations in italics may be incorrect]

Source: MBC
Translated by: Hanyi
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[WGM Preview] 120721 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.27

Teuk ♡ Sora: Infinite Love to Son-in-law ♥

Teuk and Sora continued their wedding photo shooting under the presence of Sora’s parents!

Leeteuk became restless and blushed when he came close to Sora by holding her waist and posing for a forehead kiss ~

Leeteuk and Sora have meal together with parents-in-law after taking the wedding photos.

When reticent(?) Sora’s secret to get pocket money and her other past issues are revealed ~

Unlike Sora who is sweating, Leeteuk looks intimate with parents-in-law ~

The party of four came to have duck soup which is good to health!

In the middle of the conversation, they looked at Sora’s childhood photos ~

What was the past identification which makes Leeteuk turned into a jealous man?

Here came the soup full of mother-in-law’s affection and father-in-law’s raspberry wine ~

Father-in-law suggested to have a round of arm-wrestling with Teuk the son-in-law ~

What is the result of the match between the 90 kg healthy father-in-law vs slim-body idol Leeteuk?

After the meal, Sora and her mother went for the dessert!

The son-in-law was left alone with father-in-law in the room ~ What would it look like?

To commemorate(?) having a singer son-in-law, the four moved to a karaoke!

Teuk and father-in-law started the singing contest, and the scores would be ~

What was the result between father-in-law’s special song vs Teuk’s song specially selected for the parents?

Source: MBC
Translated by: Hanyi