[PICT] Leeteuk Enlistment Day, October the 30th 2012

See you next 2 years, leader. DCL, FD, and all TeukSora Lovers will always wait and support you. it’s not an END, it’s an AND. HWAITING!

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NEWS] 121029 ‘Geek’ Magazine Gives First Look at SuperJunior Leeteuk’s Pre-Military Haircut

With only a day left before Leeteuk begins his mandatory military service, Geek magazine has offered a first look at the Super Junior member′s special hair cutting photo shoot.The special spread was shot on October 26 to capture Leeteuk′s short cut, which is required of men entering the army and marked the Super Junior leader’s final fashion shoot.

The shoot’s main goal was to accentuate Leeteuk’s masculine charms through his various expressions and poses as he showed off his new, shorter hairstyle.
Leeteuk will begin his mandatory military service on October 30.The full spread can be found in the upcoming December issue of Geek magazine.Photo Credit: Geek Magazine
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“Somebody” definitely bring out his manly side LOL


[TRANS] 121027 Leeteuk Vogue Japan Magazine Interview

Q: Current feeling?
Leeteuk: first, i would like to thank my fans. I received unbelievable amount of love. It also makes me uneasy because I don’t know how long I’ll receive this much love. So every time i think this way, i try to grow better so that i will be loved for a long time. Very thankful for support and love that Japan gives though we never officially promoted here.

Q: It’s been 7 years since debut. What has changed & what has not?
Leeteuk: thanks to Sorry Sorry, Super Junior became well-known and it allowed us to show our own color of music. Some criticize just saying our songs sound the same but I think criticism is a form of interest so I don’t mind it. Being able to create a genre for Super Junior is the big achievement so I have pride in that fact.

Q: You have soft ballad and tough rock genre image. Which is more closer to you?
Leeteuk: i don’t know it myself. But if I am ask ‘am I tough?’, i want to hear ‘cute!’

Q: You always appear to be smiling
Leeteuk: really? I dislike fighting. When you get angry, you scare yourself later when u remember getting angry, so i try not to do so. Members help create fun atmosphere

Q: Did you think that you had any other skills than singing?
Leeteuk: i really didn’t know. Before debut, i only dreamed of myself playing piano and making songs. But after debut, I showed leadership and naturally my MC skills came out too.

Q: Is it fun being an MC?
Leeteuk: i believe i had a negative personality before. I was a trainee for many years so I was not sure of my future and was depressed many times. But after going on shows w. SJ, my personality became brighter and brighter. I wanted to give a good energy to viewers so I do my best not to become negative.

Q: But isn’t it tiring watching out for other people’s mood? What do you do to relieve stress?
Leeteuk: Some people drink alcohol to relieve stress but i can’t. So i exercised. When I exercise, unnecessary thoughts clear from my mind. So my body became like this. (laugh) i think the body being tired is better than the mind being tired. And I want to keep working hard as I age

Q: Role of leader?
Leeteuk: creating a good mood. When all are tired or depressed from busy schedules, I have to do right things for them to recover.

Q: Any worries?
Leeteuk: When I first became a leader, i was frustrated. “because you are a leader, you have to consent to other members” was what I heard the most from Managers. If it was good, i had to give priority to other members and if it was a mistake by members, i had to be scolded together or bear the responsibility. I guess the members decided that being with me helps & that they should help me in turn.
I also Gather the ideas from members and express it to the company. So my phone bill is always the highest (laugh)

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[NEWS] 121026 Won Bin and Kang Sora pose as a chic couple for ‘Basic House’

Won Bin and Kang Sora pose as a chic couple for ‘Basic House’

Won Bin and Kang Sora recently posed as a chic couple in a pictorial for the 2012 fall/winter line of Basic House.

The untouched photos show the two bundled up in neutral-colored outfits that are perfect for the upcoming winter season. According to staff, Won Bin and Kang Sora received nothing but compliments during the photo shoot.

Netizens commented, “I can’t believe these photos are unedited”, “Of course, it’s Won Bin”, and “They definitely don’t need any retouching”.

In other news, Kang Sora is currently filming for her upcoming film ‘My Pavarotti‘, which is set to premiere next year.

Check out more photos and a video of the Basic House photo shoot below!

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[NEWS/TRANS] Star Interview with Leeteuk 2005/11/06, the debut year.

It’s been 7 years since we debuted but we still have the same mindset as a rookie. I debuted late as a 23years old and I always planned to go to army after 7 years of working. We received more love than we expected so I am able to leave with a happy mind.

▲The hardest time?

The time when members got involved in many incidents… I thought, ‘all that we did to get here…’ and ‘is everything over now?’ and was scared. But every time, members were there to protect me from the side, so I was able to withstand it.

▲You are working hard right now. Isn’t it sad leaving?

Yes I am sad. I finally feel like I know a bit of the stage, performing, MCing but pausing here for short time… is a bit… but every Korean men goes. I feel that I don’t have much experience in life because I debuted in early age so I can experience it this time. I think I will be able to understand the public better when I return.

▲Reactions of people around you?

Everyone tell me to play like crazy, drink, etc. But when I do try to play, (I guess checking schedule is part of work habit now), I drink little alcohol, worrying about the schedule next day. I spend the time quietly while working out.

▲That’s not really leeteuk-like(?)

Haha really? I’m contacting everyone who I am thankful to. Yesterday I called a person who used to be our stylist during rookie days. I was able to remember many memories.

▲Reactions of Sunbaes?

Kang HoDong sunbaenim says “So sad! It will help me if you were by my side when I return. Hyungs will do well so go and come back well.” Boom hyung said “I thought everything was over when I went to army but it wasn’t that. Hyungs will be doing well so come back~.” I am very thankful

▲Departure party?

I had a dinner with Lee Sooman teacher already. He told me ‘this is not the end’. There is a gathering of SM family members today (22nd). I heard this will be the first time everyone gathers. I am thankful but I also feel that I need to do well.

▲What do you want to say to Super Junior members?

Do as they are doing right now. I am worried about Donghae… We spent 13 years together so I worry that he will feel really empty. I hope he doesn’t.

▲What do you expect of army life?

Where will my personality go? I think I will continue to do everything with bright personality. I will be older than others but I will still be friendly with them. That’s me. oh, and if I have time, I want to master a foreign language. I felt frustrated sometimes during foreign concerts.

▲Soon you’ll be Park JungSu not celebrity Leeteuk. How do you feel?

I always felt lonely. Thinking back now, celebrity Leeteuk received many spotlight and love but nobody took care of the ‘person Park Jung Su. So I think that’s why I felt so empty and lonely. I want to spend the army time taking care of Park Jungsu.

▲Have you thought of after army?

I think it will be same as now. I think I will be stronger at heart though. One friend said “If you worked hard to gather fans till now, I hope you will be loved like this for a long time” and I want that to happen too. Thinking now, I want to return within 1-2weeks of returning from army. If I could do what I want, I would do a comeback showcase on the day of return. I hope everything is ready so you can’t even feel the gap. I will do my best to take care of myself too.

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