[WGM PREVIEW] 120901 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.30

Lee Teuk ♡ Sora: Suffer (?) if Going Out of Home

Lee Teuk & Sora arrived at the camping site.

The sweet couple wore pants and set the camping car ~

The couple set a hammock between the shades of the trees! Could they succeed safe and sound?

Lee Teuk & Sora prepared for the camping flowers(?) ~ Barbeque!

Sora was responsible for cooking the rice and Leeteuk prepared for the charcoal-fired grill ~

Could the couple’s delicious barbeque be edible?

Source: MBC
Translated by: Hanyi
Please take out with full credits.

Kyaaaaa…. Can’t wait for tomorrow ~(˘▿˘~) ~(˘▿˘)~ (~˘▿˘)~


[TWITTER] 120831 Kang Sora twitter update : Heading to LA!

[TRANS] @reveramess: Last day in San Francisco! Now heading to LA go go~~

@reveramess: 샌프란시스코에서의 마지막날! 이제 LA로 고고씽~~
trans by @dzudzu2

She’s getting prettier each time I saw her recent picture >,<


[NEWS] 120830 Kang Sora in USA

ERICK OH a Korean animation artist in USA n as Fix Animator at Pixar Animation Studios said:
“Kang Sora (강소라) in B+L shirt I designed. She is such a talented passionate young actress from Korea who got best known for one of her recent movies, ‘Sunny (2011)’ which I really enjoyed as well. Now more importantly, she did the voice acting for Merida in Korean version of ‘BRAVE’ . She visited the studio with all the major Korean press like KBS and MBC for the promotion today. Soon you’ll see her at PIxar on TV or so- Don’t miss out if you are in Korea 🙂 And start counting days! September 27th, BRAVE finally hits Korea.”


Thanks Rizty Angreina for the tip ^^

Lovely and talented young lady >_<