[NOTICE] TeukSora 1st Anniversary Project – Trending Twitter on September,30th 2012

Hi all Dimple Couple Lovers International, Fighting Dimples, TeukSora Lovers Worldwide, ELF, AngelTeuk, and Kang Sora fans ^___^…(so many fans Teuk & Sora right ^^?)

We’d like to invite you all to join us for TeukSora 1st Anniversary twitter party ^^! We already success to make a Rice Wreath Project on September, 19th..so let’s make this real too guys~ :)!

You can participate this project on September, 30th 2012 by:


1. Change your twitter avatar with this picture :

please change as soon as possible before Sept, 29th.

this awesome avatar picture edited by an awesome FD ^^ : @xianxian90

2. Change your twitter name (not your @name, but your display name) to TeukSora 1st Anniv

Click Setting >> Profile >> Name (change to TeukSora 1st Anniv)

so your display twitter will be like this :

3. Let’s join with all of TeukSora fans over the world to trend :

#TeukSora1year  at 11PM KST on September 30th. (Our trending –> #TeukSora1year + a message)


1. UNLOCK your account before you start tweeting! If your account is set to private, the hashtag will NOT count or show up. Publicize your account for one day, and after you can set it back to private.

2. Only ONE hashtag (#TeukSora1year) per tweet! Any more than that and it’s spam which means twitter will not count it (or may even blacklist the tweet so it can’t trend). Also, it’s annoying >__<.

3. A tweet MUST CONTAIN A MESSAGE. Anything with only a hashtag is considered spam, as well.

4. Also, write your OWN message. Do not just retweet the whole “quote” from others

Good tweets:

  • Happy Anniversary! All the best #TeukSora1year
  • #TeukSora1year TeukSora f5rever 
  • @Dimple_Couple I miss Leeteuk and Sora #TeukSora1year
  • Agree, let’s do it ^^! RT: @Dimple_Couple Let’s trend  #TeukSora1year

Bad tweets:

  • #TeukSora1year
  • #TeukSora1year #TeukSora1year
  • #TeukSora1year #TeukSora1year HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
  • RT: @Dimple_Couple Let’s trend  #TeukSora1year

4. Do NOT tweet beforehand! Don’t start the hashtag the night before. To trend, the hashtag must be kind of like a sudden avalanche within a relatively small amount of time (like over an hour). So make sure to start at 11PM KST as specified!

5. It’s not the number of tweets, it’s the number of people tweeting. You do not need to write a bazillion messages. We just need a bazillion people to write one message each. 🙂

TREND ZONE AND TIME (Please ask us if your country not mention here ^^)


Thank you so much and please spread this party invitations \(^____^)/!!


[NEWS] Fans of WGM Couple Super Junior Leeteuk and Kang Sora Make Noble Gift of 1.25 Tons of Rice

Proving the international impact of this variety reality couple, worldwide fans of Lee Teuk and Kang Sora donates 1.25 tons of rice

Fans these days are becoming more practical and benevolent when sending gifts to their idols. Instead of giving gifts of material things to their beloved artists, fans such as that of Leeteuk and Kang Sora, recently honor their favorite artists in the form of donating to charity or similar generous and socially impactful gifts.

Earlier this week, Leeteuk and Kang Sora fans from their recently completed stint on “We Got Married” sent a rice wreath of 1.25 tons to Hanbit (translated: One Light) Blind and Dumb Children’s Home, an organization for needy children. It can be remembered that Hanbit is the organization behind the Hanbit String Quartet, which was featured on Star King and whose performance back then touched Leeteuk’s heart. The fans who participated thought to do this project as a memorable farewell gift to their favorite on-screen couple, inspiration for Leeteuk’s impending enlistment, and motivation for Kang Sora’s continuing acting projects.

On the social action day, 500 kilograms of rice were delivered to Hanbit, with the remaining to be distributed throughout the course of the year. This distribution system allows the food to be fresh and not being stale in nutrients when it finally reaches the recipients.

The representative at Hanbit expressed gratitude for the thoughtfulness of volunteers and donors of the project. He expressed the hope that fans continue with their warmth and love towards the disabled and needy. With this too, he wished that Leeteuk and Kang Sora will also receive much love and attention from more people as a result of the example set by their fans.

Worldwide fans who participated via donations in the social action event came from Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States — proving the far-reaching impact of the couple and the show.

In a separate event, Kang Sora acknowledged the fans’ thoughtfulness and took a photo of the certificate of donation. She expressed her gratitude by indulging the fans with the famed double V-sign reminiscent of one of the couple missions she had with Leeteuk in the show.

cr: kpopstarz

Thanks Janet Villarin for your tip ^^

Baby Princess is so cuteeeee (ʃƪ˘˘ﻬ )


[NEWS] MBC ‘We Got Married’ Leeteuk – Kang Sora Couple 1st year anniversary – Rice Wreaths Project

Dreame Rice conducted a wreath celebrating the first anniversary of Dimple couple, the couple made by LeeTeuk and Kang Sora, for  Gangbuk suyudong Hanbit School for the Blind. Dreamy Rice cheering delivered 1.25 tons of wreaths rice. They explained that this donation was made in order to cheer and celebrate the first anniversary of the WGM Leeteuk Kang Sora couple via Dreame organization. 15 countries participated including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and France.

Earlier in the day, O’Reilly delivered to the school for the blind the donation of 1.25 ton of rice. This donation represents one meal for more than 10,000 people. For 115 people, it represents one month of eating. Hanbit School for the Blind officials who received the rice said “Leeteuk and Kangsora fans to the world sent precious rice seeds, the sense of depth [of this donation to] needy blind children… to celebrate, I will write“.

Beside of the rice donation, Dimple fans did volunteer activities with children and offered electronic products such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners and audio set.

MBCWe Got Married‘ couple Leeteuk and Kangsora started on October last year but WGM broadcast ends in the beginning of September. They do not have time to celebrate together their first year anniversary. They left each other by a goodbye hug and a memorable first kiss.

Source: Hele

cr: wgmfacts.wordpress.com


Teukso 1st yr anniversary- Rice Wreaths Proj] Dreame sent 1250kg of rice to HanBit on 19 Sept 2012

Proudly present to all Dimple Couple Lovers International, Fighting Dimples, and TeukSora Worldwide Fans..WE DID IT \(^_____^)/ !!

Left ribbon: Be cheerful & happy all the time!
Right ribbon: We love you sincerely / with our hearts

Left ribbon: Cheering for TeukKang Couple One Year Anniversary!
Right ribbon: 20110930 Lee Teuk Love Sora

Thank you so much all Dimple Couple Lovers International, Fighting Dimples and TeukSora Worldwide who join this project ^^..

our best regards,

Leeteuk & Sora (Dimple Couple) 1 Year Anniversary Project : [Rice Wreaths Project] Dreame will send 1250kg of rice to HanBit at 10:00am on 19th Sept, 2012

[Teuk & Sora 1st year anniversay – Rice Wreaths Project]

Thank you once again for your enthusiastic participation in our
TeukSora 1st anniversary rice wreath donation project.
As you may be aware, we have been successfully pooled a total
of 1250kg of rice during the 17-day donation period ^^!

Our agent, Dreame, will send the rice to HanBit blind & dumb
kindergarten-home at 10:00am on 19th Sept., 2012 (today).

This beneficiary is chosen as per the suggestion of TSL (Korea),
as its “HanBit voice quartet” appeared in Leeteuk’s Star King
three years ago and touched Leeteuk’s heart with the children’s
beautiful singing*.

As TSL (Korea) will also carry out a social donation ceremony
at HanBit tomorrow, so they have kindly agreed to help us take
proof photos of our donated rice. We will post the photos here
once we have received them. We are grateful to TSL (Korea)
who has provided many useful advices to us during the period.

Lastly, we would like to thank every fighting dimples again for
your generous support in the project!

* You may learn more about HanBit blind & dumb kindergarten
-home website by visiting

Special Thanks:
– Lee Teuk & Sora
– TSL (Korea)
– Dreame
– Fighting Dimples
– Dimple Couple Lovers International
– All volunteers.of this project

Thank you very much~! ^^

Thanks & Best Regards,
Hele / PeiShi

TeukSora Worldwide


The name list of donations :

Name / Country / Donations
Kanokpon Irving  Australia USD 55

JJ China USD 55

Tiphanie/HyawehB France EURO 20

Cyrus Ng Hong Kong HKD 350
Hanyi Hong Kong USD 55
HeleChui Hong Kong USD 110
Joanne Hong Kong HKD 800
特特愛拉拉 Hong Kong HKD 880

Alfiyatul Qomariyah Indonesia IDR 100.000
Alpenmori Indonesia IDR 150.000
Dilarizn Indonesia IDR 100.000
Dimpleeteuk Indonesia IDR 200.000
Dzudzu Indonesia IDR 100.000
Eko Ajah Indonesia IDR 150.000
Kimi Indonesia IDR 100.000
Kirane  Indonesia IDR 530.000
Lialea 1726 Indonesia IDR 100.000
Lil_V Indonesia IDR 100.000
Monika Fanis Indonesia IDR 300.000
Ota Wonbin Indonesia IDR 100.000
Veny Utomo / Anthony Indonesia IDR 100.000
Vinnie  Indonesia IDR 600.000
Wid03  Indonesia IDR 100.000
Xianlie Indonesia IDR 250.000

Lallachan Italy EURO 5

ao Japan USD 55
Aoi & Kona  Japan USD 52.55
Emi  Japan USD 52.55
Emmarin2  Japan USD 52.55
Haruka, Yuki, めぽ, ao, Miho Japan USD 155
Hiroko Morota  Japan USD 52.55
JunKo @jun05sp  Japan USD 52.55
N.KaNa  Japan USD 52.55
Kaopiee-nisuke  Japan USD 52.55
Kinu  Japan USD 52.55
Mone  Japan USD 52.55
Sachi  Japan USD 52.55
Sunny, a-sweet15, xingzio511, 0705maro Japan USD 52.55
Taketeuk2012 Japan USD 52.55
Tami Japan USD 52.55
Tomomi Shinoyama Japan USD 52.55
めぽ Japan USD 55

aaaoi Macau HKD 400

Hiedi Malaysia RM 50
Koh Su Zhen  Malaysia RM 200
Peishi  Malaysia USD 110
Tan Yi Lynn  Malaysia RM 50
Wailing Malaysia RM 180

Monmon & Nick Philippine SGD 45

33rumeiru Singapore SGD102.87
Anon  Singapore SGD 100
Carine /k-craze  Singapore SGD 21.28
Fenty  Singapore SGD 100
Janice  Singapore SGD 50
Jesslynfelicia  Singapore SGD 15
Gail Singapore SGD100
KOPI_C_ST Singapore SGD 21.28
Luvallkorea Singapore SGD 20
Peifen  Singapore SGD 104.4
Seah Qiu Hua   Singapore SGD 18.7
Shirleen Ong Singapore SGD 70
Wendykuku Singapore SGD 20

Lisbé van Staden South Africa USD 55

Cakeworke Taiwan USD 55
Ling  Taiwan NT 1650
Wang Xin Le  Taiwan NT 500
특여자  Taiwan NT 1650

Taey  Thailand USD 55

Dorothy USA USD 110

Noname (N/A) USD 100
Thank you very much~! ^^

Thanks & Regards,
Hele / Peishi

TeukSora Worldwide
Fighting Dimples & DC Lover International

This just for an example Rice Wreath Project for 1.000kg (We reach 1.250kg ^^) :

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE FOR SUPPORT THIS \(^____^)/!! please share this to the world 🙂

[NOTICE] October 1st,2012 Dimple Couple 1st Year Anniversary – Rice Wreaths Project

Our lovely Dimple Couple’s 1st Year Anniversary is coming soon on October 1st, 2012.
We are organizing a rice wreath project to celebrate Dimple Couple’s 1st year anniversary.
What is a rice wreath? Quote from allkpop news:

‘Rice wreaths’ indicate that K-Pop fandoms are becoming more mature

“These days, Korean fandoms send ‘rice wreaths’ instead of customary flower bouquets to a celebrity’s event (concert, musical, or press conference) in order to show their support for their favorite stars.”
“While the messages drew much amusement, the general public seems to approve of this newshow of dedication, as it displays a more mature fandom culture. Fans are not only supportingtheir favorite star, but they’re also helping out rice farmers and people in need with theirdonations. Thus, sending just one rice wreath to express love for a celebrity is also a mark of being socially conscious.”

That means the rice will be donated to a charity organization under Lee Teuk & Sora’s name.
The rice will be donated as “Rice of Charity” to a charity organization in need, which will be decided
soon. You can visit this website http://dreame.co.kr/en/ for more detail about rice wreaths.

Now, we would like to invite all Dimple Couple fans to join this project and show your love and support to our Dimple Couple. According to the website of Dreame, 20kg of rice wreath worths USD 55. We hope to donate 500kg of rice, which will cost about USD 1321. All the donors’ names and countries will be displayed on the cardboard.

The maximum quantity each individual fan can donate will be 1 pack of 20kg of rice,
which cost USD55.
Or you may invite your friends to pool the donation of 1 pack.
(Please note that the above mentioned USD55/20kg has not include paypal or bank surcharges)

1) If you have a Paypal account, our Paypal account for collecting the donation of the rice wreaths is peishi0408@gmail.com
(Please send e-mail to teuksoraworldwide@gmail.com with “your name, amount, country name & capture the receipt” after you have transferred the donation to us)

2) If you don’t have Paypal account or credit card, you can contact and asked the details how to send your donations and participating.
Fans may then contact these helpers for the submission of donation.

Hong Kong – Hele, e-mail: helechuihehehe@hotmail.com twitter : @HeleChui
Indonesia – Natali, e-mail: fightingdimplee@yahoo.co.id twitter : @KSora_IFC
Malaysia – Peishi, e-mail: teuksoraworldwide@gmail.com twitter : @peishi0408
Singapore – Mieru, e-mail: fightingdimples@gmail.com twitter : @33ru_mieru
Taiwan – DaDa, e-mail: dada0122@hotmail.com

Please see our update on http://www.helechuihehehe.wordpress.com

Deadline for donation: 11:59pm (KST) on 15th September 2012
(But the deadline may be adjusted, depends on exact date of Lee Teuk’s enlistment)

Let’s do it! We are waiting for you! Please contact us for donation or enquiries now!
e-mail: teuksoraworldwide@gmail.com
twitter: @HeleChui / @peishi0408

If you have any problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you very much.

P.S. As the exact date of Lee Teuk’s enlistment is still not confirmed,
we can only try our best endeavor to send the rice wreaths before Lee Teuk’s enlistment.

Best Regards,

DC Lovers International, TeukSora Lovers Worldwide, Fighting Dimples