[FANART] Dimple Couple “I miss you…”

[FanArt] Let’s smile..!! ^^ by:Nurawa_Ji

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[FanArt] Far in Distance but Near at Heart..You’ll Always be Together into Our Hearts.. By:@wayland_clary

[FanArt] “I miss your presence next to me.”

This is beautiful ㅠㅠ


[NEWS] 130704 Actress Kang So Ra Is Even Skinnier Before Photoshop

Actress Kang So Ra is recently in the news for a photo that circulated on the Internet through online community boards. Titled “Kang So Ra, Real vs. Pictorial, Really Skinny,” Kang So Ra is shown in the published photo of a shoot with the magazine “InStyle” compared with the shot that was yet unedited.

It can be seen on the picture that in the pre-edited photo, Kang So Ra has a very slender figure which becomes even more noticeable with the dark lighting and the shadows. In the published photograph, the lighting is brighter and properly showcases her long legs and svelte figure.

Kang So Ra is currently in the SBS daily drama “Ugly Alert,” co-starring with Im Joo Hwan, Choi Tae Joon, and Kang Byul.

source : soompi


[NEWS] 130617 Kang Sora, ‘Shocking Fine Legs’ Even While Eating?

Actress Kang Sora revealed a picture of herself eating.

On June 15, Kang Sora posted on her Twitter, “Real eating with Junsu after filming. Inhaling food as soon as ‘cut’ was heard from the director” along with a picture.

In the picture, Kang Sora is eating with Im Joo Hwan, who is coming out in SBS drama “Ugly Alert” with her. Both are focused on eating and are not looking at anyone else. But Kang Sora’s legs shown under the table look perfectly skinny and long unlike the amount of food she’s eating, catching much attention.

Internet users who saw this commented, “So skinny even when she eats like that,” “So jealous,” and “Why did you lose so much weight?”

Photo Credit: Kang Sora Twitter

source : kpopstarz


[News] 130603 Title ~”Ugly Alert’ Word-of-Mouth Is Scary…Page View Explosion On Official Website~

‘Ugly Alert’, a 100% pure clean drama that depicts the uncompensated sacrifice of a man in the name of family, has driven a crowd of young viewers and at present enjoys a decent amount of popularity.
Casting off the ‘makjang’ code and adding some differentiated materials into the drama and even glowing with good performance led by young actors like Im Joo Hwan and Kang Sora, ‘Ugly Alert’ creates a breath of fresh air on daily small screen and unlike the existing daily dramas, it is appealing to young viewers and has blown up what is called as ‘the netsim’.
According to SBS on 31th May, ‘Ugly Alert’ is by far the hottest issue beating ‘Jang Ok Jung’ starring by Kim Tae Hee & Yoo Ah In in dramaland topic and it is also topping the most searched issue in SBS official website.
In addition, ‘Ugly Alert’ official website has surpassed 1,430,404 page view (PV), increased by 392.71% compared to last week’s page view (290,316) and set an amazing record with it’s highest page view on SBS drama website so far. The number of unique visitor (UV) has also increased by 421% with total number of 316,252 visitor compared to the previous week. For a daily drama to receive such a rare interest right from the opening weeks like this, ‘Ugly Alert’ has indeed garnered a lot of attention from many people.
On the other hand, all these while daily dramas are synonym with makjang theme, but when a clean drama like ‘Ugly Alert’ comes along and armed with sleek cinematography and heartwarming story, the message boards of various online community sites suddenly have been poured with support and cheering posts from the viewers who are tired of makjang drama.
The factor that contributes to the ‘netsim explosion’ effect isn’t caused by the main target viewer of daily drama but it is contributed by the large number of viewers in their twenties to thirties (20s~30s) that this drama manages to draw. These trend-conscious young viewers pour their explosive responses to ‘Ugly Alert’ not only through websites but also through various SNS.
Online’s hot popularity like this will particularly lead to an anticipation on it’s probability to get high ratings.
“The production crew is surprised with this rare phenomenon because all these while the number of website’s visitor including the page views for daily drama is unlikely to be this high. It is very encouraging especially in the sense that all age groups of viewers pay attention to this drama. We feel grateful for the viewer’s interest and we will not let their expectation down by making a heartwarming story,” said a representative of ‘Ugly Alert’ with determination.
‘Ugly Alert’ is a healing drama that shows genuine family’s love and interaction through the priceless sacrifice of a man. It broadcasts on SBS at 7.20pm every weekdays.

‘Netsim’ means netizen’s mind or in other words it can also be referred as the majority of public opinion on the internet.
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[NEWS] 130516 Kang Sora’s Body Got Prettier By Fixing Her Posture Rather Than Dieting

Kang Sora revealed that her body got prettier not because of a diet but because of fixing her posture.

On May 14, a press conference for the upcoming SBS daily drama “Ugly Alert” was held where Kang Sora attended as part of the cast. During the event, she revealed, “My weight hasn’t changed much but I have fixed my posture.”

She continued, “I’ve been playing student roles for a while but now that I have a very feminine role, I took a lot of care to that,” and “I tried to change my walk and fix my posture.”

Kang Sora will be playing the role of Na Do Hee, who is a successful workaholic, working for her grandfather’s fashion company.

Kang Sora also talked about her Na Do Hee character and said, “I was attracted to the multiple aspects of this character’s personality,” and “I hope the viewers can see how the characters support each other and grow. I personally want to show a more feminine side of myself that I haven’t shown before.”

“Ugly Alert” will air its pilot episode on May 20.


[NEWS] 130515 Kang Sora loses weight for her role on ‘Ugly Alert’

Kang Sora responded to questions about how she’s changed her image for her next role.

On May 14, Kang Sora attended the press conference at the SBS Mokdong branch for the new SBS daily drama ‘Ugly Alert‘. She confessed, “I didn’t lose that much weight. I’ve always played student roles, but this time, my character is an adult woman, so I just wanted to look more womanly. I thought that [my character] would have gotten lessons on how to sit and walk properly, so I paid special attention to my posture.

It looks like just a change in attitude and posture can make you look great!

‘Ugly Alert’ will start airing on the 20th.