[INSIGHT] Leeteuk’s cyworld and part of WGM’s scene

Leeteuk update his cyworld background a while ago on June, 27th with a couple holding hands together, walking, and seems the couple really enjoy their love time together..and now we can see a part of We Got Married scene when Leeteuk hold Sora’s hand, walking together and he really enjoy their time..Dimple Couple looks very happy ^_____^

Did you realize this? this is not just simplyย a coincidence..but Leeteuk is really happy and wanna share his happiness through his cyworld with us..

Leeteuk always wanna share his moment together with Sora and if that’s not so meaningful for him, why should he choose and took many couple background to describe what he and Sora do at We Got Married on his cyworld? DC Lovers may check his cyworld’s background time by time after he met Sora..he often give us a hint rite? and nowadays we can see Leeteuk more brave to put some of pict on his twitter that related with WGM..like blood donations from Teuk Sora Lovers korean DC fans (@TSL1001) and last tweet about Suju’s album with his pict on WGM wearing a hat from Sora ๐Ÿ™‚

so what else did you want Leeteuk to proof that he always care with Sora and us? Let them our Dimple Couple make their own love story..we just pray and support them no matter way..

For my Loves Leeteuk โค Sora..



[NEWS] Super Juniorโ€™s Leeteuk loses his inner poise because of the jealousy

Super Juniorโ€™s Leeteuk recently lost his inner poise because of the jealousy and said some harsh things to Sungmin.

In the episode of MBCโ€™s We Got Married that aired on June 30, Leeteuk and Gang So Ra couple went on a trip to Island Namyee in Chuncheon.

During the conversation, on their way to Chuncheon, Leeteuk learned that his wife had a close friendship with a guy.

Later, it came to light that the close male friend of Kang was Super Juniorโ€™s Sung Min. The wound-up hubby pulled up the car at seeing his wife flustered, and made a phone call to Sung Min to unveil the truth.

Losing his inner poise during the phone call with Sung Min, Leeteuk said some harsh things to Sung Min: โ€œHope your musical will be a great failure,โ€ which made his wife embarrassed.

Source: Xportsnews

cr: en.korea.com

thanks Janet Villarin for the tip ^^!


[NEWS] Leeteuk is jealous of Sungmin for his friendship with Kang So Ra

Leeteukโ€˜s jealousy reached the ultimate peak.

On the June 30th episode of MBC โ€˜We Got Marriedโ€™, Leeteuk called fellow Super Junior member Sungmin and cursed for his musical to flop.

Leeteuk got jealous of Sungmin because he had met Kang So Ra by chance when they were both in Paris.

Leeteuk-Kang So Ra couple were headed to Nami island in a car when Leeteuk stated, โ€œSungmin bragged to me when he went to France. Did you meet him by chance?โ€, and he inquired about how they met in France.

Kang So Ra answered nonchalantly, โ€œWe had our office there. We said hello and we had a meal separately. So did that worry you?โ€

Leeteuk replied, โ€œI just thought you were close to Sungmin..โ€, then Kang So Ra interjected, โ€œWe only keep touch time to time?โ€, then suddenly the car shook and Leeteuk asked, โ€œYou just stepped on the break, is there something I should be concerned about?โ€, and Kang So Ra burst into laughter.

Kang So Ra calmly explained, โ€œYou know that Iโ€™m an only child. I thought itโ€™d be nice if I had an oppa like himโ€, to which Leeteuk continued to show jealous as he said, โ€œYouโ€™re even thinking of him as your own blood?โ€

Out of jealousy Leeteuk called Sungmin who was practicing for his musical, โ€œAre you that close with So Ra?โ€ Leeteuk passed the phone to Kang So Ra and the two proceeded to have a friendly conversation.

Sungmin said to come see his musical and Leeteuk told him, โ€œI already have a plan to go abroad with So Ra.โ€ Sungmin mentioned, โ€œWe also have a performance scheduled in Japan come Septemberโ€, to which Kang So Ra stated, โ€œI might go to Japan in September. I might have a schedule to go thereโ€, and Leeteukโ€™s jealousy reached a boiling point.

Leeteuk couldnโ€™t take it anymore and he told Sungmin, โ€œI curse for you musical to flop!โ€, and he made Kang So Ra laugh with his playful display of jealousy.

During the private interview Leeteuk stated, โ€œI think So Ra likes Sungmin and I think Sungmin matches with her nicely too. I thought โ€˜Did something happen when I wasnโ€™t around?โ€™. I was just a little apprehensive about it.โ€

Image: MBC โ€˜We Got Marriedโ€™
Source: NewsEN via Nate

cr: kpopfever.com

thanks Janet Villarin for the tip ^^!

LOL..Teukie jealous too much..but that’s one of Love’s sign rite :)?


[TWITTER] 120630 Leeteuk’s twitter update – Teuk tweet a pict from WGM ^^!

Trans : @teukables

@special1004 I will go and listen to Suju’s song at 12!!!July 1st!!Once it hits(12, you)have to make a dash!!ssi~~~~ik^______^while smiling ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ http://t.co/gCWQD6hN

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really loves it โค ^______^!!


[DOWNLOAD LINK] 120630 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.24

We Got Married S3E50 – Dimple Couple, Part 01 (HANrel)

We Got Married S3E50 – Dimple Couple, Part 02 (HANrel)

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click HANrel link >> choose and click Regular Downloading >> wait for 60 seconds >> type the word they asked >> enjoy your happiness ๐Ÿ™‚