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[INSIGHT] 121229 Sweetest commitment of Dimple Couple after their exit from WGM

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특: 소라야 면회 올꺼지

Teuk: Sora, you will come to visit me, right?

라: 일병 이등병 때 (면회를)가면 안 좋다 들어서 병장이 되면 갈 생각이다

Sora: I’ve heard that it is not good to visit you as a private first class soldier. I am considering to visit you when you have been promoted to a corporal.

Extracted from Teuk’s video message and Sora’s address after receiving the Popularity Award.
Credit: @Hanyissi

Aaaaaaahhhh I wanna screaammm…. *faint*



[VIDEO] 121229 Leeteuk’s message to Sora at MBC Entertainment Awards 2012 – Dimple Couple won

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Translations :
Teuk: Salute! Soldier Park Jungsoo is giving you greetings! Thank you!
Soldier Jung Taewoo: You’ve increased your status in the army
Soldier Kim Muyeol: I’m proud of you
Teuk: Thank you fellow soldiers
Teuk: I would like to thank the audience for giving so much love to the me who lacks a lot. Thank you to the producers of WGM. Sora-ya, you are doing well right? Don’t be nervous during the live broadcast..it would be good if you can do well. You will come for visits right? Sincerely, thank you for giving me the popularity award! Salute!

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[NEWS] 121228 Leeteuk, Ji Hyun Woo, and Yunhak’s army musical ‘The Promise’ holds public practice session


‘The Promise‘, the army musical featuring Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, actor Ji Hyun Woo, and ChoShinSung‘s Yunhak recently held a public practice session.

Many reporters were in attendance for the practice session to see the famous celebrities practice the musical. Even though the public session only showed the 2nd act, the actors displayed their passion and hard work by putting their all into the acting.

At the end of the practice, Ji Hyun Woo said, “It is a musical that commemorates June 25, 1950 (The Day the Korean War began). You will be very touched by it“. Actor Kim Moo Yeol added, “I am nervous because it is a performance during my enlistment. I will do my best.” Yunhak said, “It’s a subject on war that international fans will have a hard time understanding, but we will make a stage that will touch even the international fans.” Leeteuk said, “I will do my best so people will say, ‘Of course, that is Super Junior’s Leeteuk’.”

cr : allkpop