[GIF] Leeteuk to Sora : “Don’t be nervous..”

111231 We Got Married Christmas Special Episode :


the love message : “Don’t be nervous.. Relax and say what you want to say..”

even 1 year after..he always be same to Sora ^^..perfectly caring husband >__<

121229 MBC Entertainment Awards Leeteuk’s speech :


the love message : ” Sora-ya, you are doing well right? Don’t be nervous during live broadcast..”

every time..every moment.. ^^


[INSIGHT] Why Sora left a last note (letter) from Leeteuk?

On latest episode many DC Lovers wonder why Sora left a last note (letter) from Leeteuk?whereas it’s more important and lovely message from him..Leeteuk said on his last note : “My feelings to you are real..I Love You. by Leeteuk hubby”

Sora is not just leaving this note or doesn’t wanna take away, she posted the last pink note under a yellow piece of paper from Leeteuk’s questions. on paper the following question is: “What is the most XXX when things?” Can be understood as a “favorite, or what is the most impressive thing?”

Sora’s answer is: Leeteuk’s confession >> “Really, I love you”

Leeteuk’s questions : “What is the most impressive thing (about me)?”

Sora’s answer : (your confession) “Really..I Love You”

This should be very obvious ….
Actions speak louder!
Sora on purpose to do that, if you are fans you will understand..
If Leeteuk watch the last episode, then (he must see!!)
Should be able to know the answer..

of course maybe Sora know Leeteuk always get or asked the full WGM’s recording :)..since he close with many PD right?kkkk..and are you sure she not take the last note? because we just get the edited episode..so how about..she still keep the last note after filming ^___^?

always stay cool DC Lovers~..we must faith for Dimple Couple..Fighting ^^!

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