[NEWS] 130719 Where will Leeteuk be stationed after the celebrity recruits areabolished?

Now that the Ministry of Defense has abolished the celebrity recruits, Super Junior fans are more curious than ever to see where Leeteuk will be placed.

Leeteuk had originally been placed in the 306 reserve at Gyeonggido Uijeongbu, but then had been moved to the celebrity recruits along with Sangchu by the Ministry of Defense.

But now that the Ministry of Defense had abolished the celebrity recruits, saying that the 15 current recruits will be reassigned to different units starting from August 1st, there are many guesses, including one that says that he’ll be going back to his original 306 reserve.

So far, there are no definite answers, so stay tuned for updates.

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Wherever he will be stationed, I’m sure he’ll do just fine. He’ll do great to accomplished all the tasks given to him. Park Jungsu we proud of you! Hwaiting!


[INFO] 130718 Including our leader Leeteuk, all celebrity soldiers will be reassigned to different units on August 1st. Ministry of Defense in Korea announces decision to abolish celebrity recruit unit.

For now we know that Teuk is not one of the celebrity soldiers receiving punishment, but after the military musical schedule has ended, he will be reassigned to recruit units to receive official trainings like all normal soldiers.

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Explanation About Army Changes:

1. Korean army no longer will have “celebrity soldiers” for PR services. Those who enlist from now on as active-service will all be normal soldiers.

2. Ones that are “Celebrity Soldiers” right now will all be transferred to different divisions.

3. Park Jungsu (Leeteuk) is not included in the 8 soldiers that will be punished for illegal usages of phones/going outside their assigned areas/etc. He (Jungsu) and other soldiers who will not be punished, will be transferred to different divisions on August 1st.

4. Celebrity Soldiers are not same as Public Service soldiers. The change will not affect Heechul/ Jongwoon(Yesung). Public soldiers are selected before enlistment, through health examinations. If they aren’t fit to serve in active- service, they are sent to public service. Celebrity Soldiers are soldiers that enlisted as active- service, and have done audition to be selected (or in rare cases, chosen by the army personnel)

I think that should answer most of
your questions. ^^
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[NEWS] 130709 Super Junior Lee Teuk Wins Award as Musical Actor

Korean boy group Super Junior’s member Lee Teuk, currently in the military, has won an award as an musical actor.

Lee Teuk won the prize for best new musical actor at “The 7th Daegu International Musical Festival” (DIMF) which was held on Monday, announced his agency SM Entertainment through their official Facebook page.

He won the award for his role in military musical “The Promise,” created by the Korean Ministry of National Defense.

During the awards ceremony, the entire cast of “The Promise” performed ”At the End of This War“ (translated title), a musical score to their production.

The story of the musical centers on seven isolated comrades at the start of the Korean War. They escape from the enemy’s position by one of them sacrificing himself to lure the enemy and the remaining six look at the horrible scenes of war dream for a better future.

Along with Lee Teuk, actor Kim Moo-yeol and actor Ji Hyun-woo, also in the military to fulfill the two-year mandatory duty required of all Korean men, took to the stage for the musical as well.

Lee Teuk, originally the leader of Super Junior, entered the military last October.

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[NEWS] 130704 Actress Kang So Ra Is Even Skinnier Before Photoshop

Actress Kang So Ra is recently in the news for a photo that circulated on the Internet through online community boards. Titled “Kang So Ra, Real vs. Pictorial, Really Skinny,” Kang So Ra is shown in the published photo of a shoot with the magazine “InStyle” compared with the shot that was yet unedited.

It can be seen on the picture that in the pre-edited photo, Kang So Ra has a very slender figure which becomes even more noticeable with the dark lighting and the shadows. In the published photograph, the lighting is brighter and properly showcases her long legs and svelte figure.

Kang So Ra is currently in the SBS daily drama “Ugly Alert,” co-starring with Im Joo Hwan, Choi Tae Joon, and Kang Byul.

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[NEWS] 130621 Super Junior Leeteuk Makes Rare Public Appearance in Military

Super Junior’s Leeteuk made a rare public outing in the midst of his military service.

Taking the microphone to facilitate a military award ceremony at a cultural center in Seoul, Leeteuk was seen in his military uniforms at the podium.

During a brief interview after the ceremony, Leeteuk shared with the reporters, “I am diligently and faithfully serving my military duties as a citizen of this country. I have been well recently. In just a few months, I will move up the ranks. Of course, I am always looking forward to next year.”

He added, “It gets pretty lonely here. But I need to keep my head up and do my best in everything in times like this. I will be back as Super Junior’s leader better than before when I complete my service next year.”

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[News] 130603 Title ~”Ugly Alert’ Word-of-Mouth Is Scary…Page View Explosion On Official Website~

‘Ugly Alert’, a 100% pure clean drama that depicts the uncompensated sacrifice of a man in the name of family, has driven a crowd of young viewers and at present enjoys a decent amount of popularity.
Casting off the ‘makjang’ code and adding some differentiated materials into the drama and even glowing with good performance led by young actors like Im Joo Hwan and Kang Sora, ‘Ugly Alert’ creates a breath of fresh air on daily small screen and unlike the existing daily dramas, it is appealing to young viewers and has blown up what is called as ‘the netsim’.
According to SBS on 31th May, ‘Ugly Alert’ is by far the hottest issue beating ‘Jang Ok Jung’ starring by Kim Tae Hee & Yoo Ah In in dramaland topic and it is also topping the most searched issue in SBS official website.
In addition, ‘Ugly Alert’ official website has surpassed 1,430,404 page view (PV), increased by 392.71% compared to last week’s page view (290,316) and set an amazing record with it’s highest page view on SBS drama website so far. The number of unique visitor (UV) has also increased by 421% with total number of 316,252 visitor compared to the previous week. For a daily drama to receive such a rare interest right from the opening weeks like this, ‘Ugly Alert’ has indeed garnered a lot of attention from many people.
On the other hand, all these while daily dramas are synonym with makjang theme, but when a clean drama like ‘Ugly Alert’ comes along and armed with sleek cinematography and heartwarming story, the message boards of various online community sites suddenly have been poured with support and cheering posts from the viewers who are tired of makjang drama.
The factor that contributes to the ‘netsim explosion’ effect isn’t caused by the main target viewer of daily drama but it is contributed by the large number of viewers in their twenties to thirties (20s~30s) that this drama manages to draw. These trend-conscious young viewers pour their explosive responses to ‘Ugly Alert’ not only through websites but also through various SNS.
Online’s hot popularity like this will particularly lead to an anticipation on it’s probability to get high ratings.
“The production crew is surprised with this rare phenomenon because all these while the number of website’s visitor including the page views for daily drama is unlikely to be this high. It is very encouraging especially in the sense that all age groups of viewers pay attention to this drama. We feel grateful for the viewer’s interest and we will not let their expectation down by making a heartwarming story,” said a representative of ‘Ugly Alert’ with determination.
‘Ugly Alert’ is a healing drama that shows genuine family’s love and interaction through the priceless sacrifice of a man. It broadcasts on SBS at 7.20pm every weekdays.

‘Netsim’ means netizen’s mind or in other words it can also be referred as the majority of public opinion on the internet.
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[NEWS] 130510 Title ~ ‘Ugly Alert’, Kang Sora “I’m happy with the career woman role”

Kang Sora shared her thoughts on the upcoming first broadcast of ‘Ugly Alert’.

On 9th May, Kang Sora stated that she was totally hooked with the SBS new daily drama ‘Ugly Alert’ (script written by Jung Ji Woo, directed by Shin Yoon Seop).

Na Do Hee, the character she plays in the drama is a head of planning team of a clothing company and even though she is somewhat a person who born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she is not that kind of woman who would just make use of her rich upbringing.

For someone who believes that one’s power can only be achieved by one’s true self, she has been working like a workaholic more than anyone else and had a quick promotion. And to prove her worth to the company, she decided to own a store at Dongdaemun separately. The reason is because the company is her grandfather’s business in the first place and it has grown into present SY Apparel.

She is a character full of ambition in the way she chose to walk the same self-made path that her grandfather had taken to bring up the company into a global brand.

“I have always been yearning for a great woman role. Since I like a character of someone who leads and is independent rather than the role of a woman who expects and relies on others to make it in life, I always talk about wanting to do career woman role every time I have interview session. So I’m really happy to get to play for the greatest role of all the career woman role there is,” said Kang Sora about her character.

Also “Every character made by the scriptwriter Jung Ji Woo has twofoldness/ambivalence element to it. If the character has a bright side, there will also be a dark side to it. Each of the different side which has been kept hidden deeply inside the character makes it’s charm comes alive. And it’s a character of a rich person (laughs), it’s my first time to play such role, and moreover I only got to play the roles of someone who had one-sided love before but this time I’m the one who receive love so I like it.” said Kang Sora showing her immense liking to the character itself.

According to the production official of ‘Ugly Alert’, “Even though Kang Sora is a young actress, through her steady acting ability, she can make the character’s appeal comes alive with her very best effort. It looks like that she’s having fun while acting,” stated the official as a favorable review about Kang Sora’s acting attitude.

Kang Sora’s charm will shine the SBS new daily drama ‘Ugly Alert’ which it’s first broadcast will be on Monday, 20th May at 7.20pm.

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[NEWS] 130427 Im Joo Hwan, Kang Sora Confirmed To Star in SBS New Daily Drama ‘Ugly Alert’

The title for SBS new daily drama has been finalized and confirmed as ‘Ugly Alert’. Actors Kang Sora and Im Joo Hwan have been cast as male and female lead for this drama which previously was known as ‘Bravo My Life’.

‘Ugly Alert’ (written by Jung Ji Woo, directed by Shin Yoon Sup) is a human family drama that shows genuine family love and break down the walls of communication through the priceless sacrifices of a man who becomes the head of household and has two younger siblings to be taken care of through remarriage of the parents. With the scriptwriter Jung Ji Woo and PD Shin Yoon Sup’s 6-years of mutual understanding ever since their great pairing collaboration on Friday drama ‘My Lovely Fool’, ‘Ugly Alert’ has been buzzed as a grand scale daily drama that comes with a solid story line.

Acting-wise star actors Im Joo Hwan and Kang Sora already have a proven acting ability as the male & female main lead character in a miniseries episodes. Kang Sora has shown her impressive professional acting ability through the movie ‘Sunny’ and ‘Paparotti’ as well as the drama ‘Dream High 2’. Im Joo Hwan on the other hand is also an actor with proven acting skills who received Rookie of The Year Award at the Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards in 2009 through his drama ‘Tamna The Island’. ‘Ugly Alert’ is Im Joo Hwan’s first comeback appearance as a main lead after being discharged from military service.

Im Joo Hwan plays the role of Gong Joon Soo, a character who spent a lonely childhood living alone with a swindler father and suddenly having younger step siblings through his father’s remarriage. However, the happy moments last only briefly when he needs to bear for his stepmother’s testament (will) at the age of fifteen and he then enters a turbulent life journey. He then served a prison sentence for murder charges on behalf of his younger brother and after being released from jail, he works at Na Do Hee’s store to polish and hone his sewing skills.

Kang Sora plays the role of Na Do Hee, is an ‘eomchinttal’ of the president of a leading fashion company which was built and established by her grandfather. However, she is a tough, high spirited and workaholic woman who believes one’s power can only be achieved through one’s own efforts and she really hates if people say that she got the team leader position because of her household connection. Just like her grandfather, she wants to have a store at Dongdaemun using her own’s hard work, and this is the place where her life gets tangled up with her employee Gong Joon Soo.

Kim Hyeon Jeong, a representative of the production house Sinyeong Entertainment and Communcations (SYE&C) said, ‘Ugly Alert’ is a human drama that shows the side of a man’s life which probably may look pathetic, foolish and vain life to others but somehow he manages to change the people around him. In addition, it’s a heartwarming family drama that highlights although ones are not blood-related, ones will try to understand and gradually embrace each other’s wound within the family bonding. He also stated that the scriptwriter and director’s ambitious plan is to concentrate on leaving out the extreme revenge and adultery plot that is typical code theme for ‘makjang’ drama, hoping that it will be offering another different dimension of a fun and deeply moving story.

‘Ugly Alert’ a human family drama with a different class and flair, will meet the viewers in May following after drama ‘The Birth of a Family’.

Glossary Tips:
엄친딸 (Eomchinttal) – Abbreviated from ‘엄마 친구의 딸’ (Eomma chingu ttal) which literally means ‘the daughter of mom’s friend’. It used to refer to a person who is almost too perfect, which is basically is someone who exceptionally beautiful, extremely smart, comes from a prestigious background and attends a prestigious school, has a great occupation and is good at everything and talented at everything.

막장 드라마(Makjang Drama) – Drama that plays up outrageous story lines and it usually uses extreme and absurd instances of life in the plot development to keep viewers hooked despite how ridiculous the stories become.

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