[NEWS] Does Super Junior’s Leeteuk have white toe nails since birth?


Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently told Sungmin that he has white toe nails since birth.

Kang So Ra transformed into a one day manager for Leeteuk on MBC’s We Got Married. The couple went to a swimming pool to tan their skin. When Kang was putting tanning oil on Leeteuk, Sungmin made a surprising appearance at the swimming pool.

Leeteuk showed off his polished toe nails to Sungmin. Sungmin asked him if he painted his toe nails, Leeteuk made people laugh by saying that he has white toe nails since birth. But the truth was Kang painted Leeteuk’s toe nails with while nail polish.

When they went back to their house after finishing the day, Leeteuk decided to cook for Kang, who worked hard for him all day long. He will cook pasta, which was recognized by Super Junior members.

Lovely episode in which Leeteuk and Kang appear will air on August 25th

Source: TV Report

cr: en.korea.com

thanks Jellia Live for the tip ^^!

Saturday…. Please come faster ^^


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