[WGM Preview] 120818 Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.28

Text Preview for WGM to be aired on August,18th 2012 :

Teukie ♡ Sora: Face-to-Face with the Third Person

Sora becomes Groom Teuk’s one-day manager!

Help opening the door is the basic! From the dedicated badge for the singer to the name card of “Dimple Entertainment”, Sora meticulously prepared everything!

First schedule! The couple goes to lunch!

[Teukie said he knows Sora’s meaningful (?) remarks] and go to the restaurant where they will meet the one who triggers jealously, who is No. 1 brother-in-law Sungmin!

Finally, the meeting between Teukie vs Sora vs Sungmin has come! What will be the appearances of the three?

[Translations in italics may be incorrect]

Source: MBC
Translated by: Hanyi
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5 thoughts on “[WGM Preview] 120818 Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.28

  1. wait so they will air that episode? they should they should continue the show at least with the teukso couple…this has been soo bad if this show wasn’t constantly interrupted I bet this couple would really be together. and all would be right with the world…lol

  2. What? I thought that the next episode was going to be special. Weren’t they saying that? I thought something like christmas special or something. Well better this way, i wanna see sungmin 🙂

  3. NOOO! Really? They could air the special the next saturday! If they don’t it would be so unfair, beside before an especial, I guess, they need show how the new couple met. Well I hope finally we can see this episode, I really want to see it!!

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