[TRANS/NEWS] Article about TeukSo from an Indonesian GAUL Magazine (Leeteuk-Kang Sora Dimple Couple)


And this is the Dimple Couple, a name given to Leeteuk and Kang Sora when they became virtual married couple in a show, We Got Married, as both of them have dimples on their cheeks. This couple becomes one of the couples who have a lot of fans because of their great compatibility and their natural intimacy which seems so real. Reaching the final episode, in sad atmosphere, they shed tears and Leeteuk finally kissed Kang Sora to show his love for her.
But who ever thought that their closeness doesn’t stop only at the show. Outside the filming, even when the show has ended, Leeteuk and Kang Sora are still texting each other which make their fans so happy that they hope this couple will become real couple.
Last year, during a one of her drama press conf. Sora admitted that Teuk often gave her support and advice she really needs during her drama filming. She acted and even sang with some K Pop singers, and her ‘husband’ Leeteuk himself is a singer and that’s helped her a lot in her acting.

-Translated from 14 Most Romantic Couples – Gaul, Indonesian Magazine no.05- 2013 Special Valentine Edition-
Translated by kyunasky, please take out with full credits. Thanks.


[NEWS] Full Translation of French Magazine, K-Pop Life


We Got Married …

For this magazine I wanted to write about one of the most watched TV shows in Korea.

It is, of course, We Got Married. After three seasons the show has not finished making us dream, still in progress, the production does not stop in so good way.

Amateur reality TV? This program is for you! (Camille F the journalist)

The beginning

It all started with a pilot episode aired February 6, 2008 on MBC. Four couples have the task to make a dinner with a given amount they must not exceed. The show is a hit: it is renewed for a first season in March, keeping the pairs created during the pilot.

The principle (how it works)

It’s simple. The idea is to move the virtual couples to newlyweds who carry out missions to the rhythm of episodes. Such as moving in, the preparation of kimchi, an activity for couple or offer gifts to his family in law. In some activities, guests are invited (close friends, celebrity) and give their feelings on the couple.

Season 3

This season consists of 7 couples but the couple most publicized was definitely Leeteuk and Kang Sora who was nicknamed the “Dimple Couple” because of their dimples ! Over time, we see couples gain intimacy : romance scenes or scenes of jealousy are waiting for you. We can believe that it is more than a television show, that can be the reality which of course feeds the fantasies of fans who would like to see some couples become real.

Highlight (Best moment)

Jealousy when you hold us! Leeteuk made us discover a hidden face. Both romantic and jealous during a romantic dinner, he has not been able to refrain himself from questioning his beloved on her relationships with men. Kang Sora retorted that it worked well with girls band. Caught in his own trap and not knowing what to say, Leeteuk replied with a “Me ? No, never.”


All good things come to an end and the departure to the army of Leeteuk inevitably stop the fictional couple. After ten months of filmingthe last episode aired on September 8, 2012, was marked by a dramatic atmosphere. Kang Sora could not restrain her tears, which caused one of the most beautiful kisses of this season. Following this sad end, Leeteuk, in a personal interview, confess that he had been selfish to think that Kang Sora had not taken seriously the filming of the show, while the reaction of this one during the final episode proves otherwise.

In summary

We Got Married is a show and very “fleur bleue” (French expression meaning very romantic). The concept aimed to follow the adventures of a young married couple can not please everybody, but the issue remains one of the most popular divertissements in Asia.

Translated by : Magalie Blaise
*take out with full credit

[TWITTER] 130126 Leeteuk and Kang Sora change their twitter ava


Haahahahaa..both of them change their ava almost in same time..but Leeteuk change it first ^^..and maybe Sora change hers because the reactions from Teuk’s ava..look at this :


kekekeke..Teuk who-always-boasting-with-his-body and Sora who-always-be-Teuk’s body-fangirl

they are so cute right? ^___^ I’m happy for them..how about you?


Dimple Couple Ep.22 when Sora amaze with Teuk’s muscle and body, her eyes can’t move from him..hihihi


(sssssttt..don’t be jealous okay ^^)