[VIDEO/TRANS] 130419 Music Town with Leeteuk

cr: ol hi

Brief translation from Music Town with Leeteuk (I think it’s the last part?) cr: @TSL08 :
They keep saying they are really lonely and they became really big fan of girl group-singers (In Korea there is a general thought that soldiers really miss women. Because in army, there is no women and most of soldiers are early 20’s men.) And at the end of the program teuk said is it all? finished? he was like he want more. so sangchu said”u want video letter to Kang Sora-ssi? or something” and teuk said “no, Im not gonna record it..”.

sssttt…looks like we have the same habit isn’t it ^^? we often tease our friends because they like someone.. and why we tease them? because we believe and know he likes her and so she does…hehehehe.. thank you so much Sangchu Oppa ^__^! [VinniE]

[INSIGHT] 130329 Leeteuk changes his Cyworld’s background!

Look at carefully with his display photo on the left ^____^..yup! He used Dimple Couple Wedding Photos! actually it’s just a half of pict..maybe it’s because the cyworld system itself but so happy even just like that..Teukie seems more openly about his feeling towards Sora? kekeke…and of course the background is a KISS…*smoooccchhh*

here the larger photos 🙂


[TRANS] 130327 Leeteuk Interview on Military Ambassador Ceremony

Q: The letters fans have sent to you guys must have been a big strength. If you have one letter that stood out, please tell us about it

Leeteuk: I remember the (first 5 week) training the most. I received about 10,000 letters. I received a lot. The letter I remember is… In training, you rarely have chance to eat sweet snacks except for the choco-pies that are given at church… but one fan sent small snacks wrapped in tissue, saying she did this for her brother before. She sent one daily. Sometimes she’d send thin chocolate snacks too… I felt that this was a bigger gift than anything else.

Q: Leeteuk-ssi, recently Kang Sora-ssi said you have become more manly and that she still has the bracelet you gave her. How do you feel?

Leeteuk: First, I think she kept the bracelet because it was made of gold (laugh). And she said I have become more manly. Like people say, Korean men only become real men after coming back from the army. If she says I have become more manly just in the few months I have been here, I think I will be much more manly when I come out in 2014. I will do my best in the remaining time to do whatever tasks given to me. I miss KangSora-ssi too. Thank you.

Trans by: @NKSubs
pict cr:@Alfiyatul Alvin
Addition: Sangchu said he got a signed CD sent by SNSD. Leeteuk said “I didn’t receive any signed CD from SNSD” LOL [youngwoonjungsu]


[INSIGHT] 130326 Kang Sora’s Interview on SBS Radio


Sora revealed Leeteuk’s recent development: [after enlisting] he became more muscular, naturally tan, even more masculine now, probably the physique of army men. In the radio broadcast, Sora, “I watched Leeteuk performance in The Promise recently. Leeteuk now when compared to ‘WGM’ time, is much ‘better’. She also said “she kept the bracelet Teuk gave her (during wgm), tho it is gold, it’s very thin” Sora smiling.

[姜素拉透露利特近况:”(入伍后) 身上有了肌肉,也自然晒黑,更有男人味了,是军队体质呢”] 在广播节目中,姜素拉说道:”不久前去看了利特演音乐剧的样子”,”利特比’我结’时好了很多”,又说道“珍藏着‘我结’时利特送的手镯,虽然是金子,但很薄”引发笑声

Credit: Chinese Translation from Baidu Dimple Couple
Rough Translation: English from Chinese by Luvallkorea

She kept the bracelet ^^!



[INSIGHT] Coincidence or Hint ?

1. Today, SHE changed her ava with this fanart of her using bank note 50.000 Won (@reveramess )

2. One DC Lover (@ 0208caramel) remind me about HIS tweet regarding “ideal type” issue (his tweet over a year ago, Jan 25, 2012 to be precise thanks to @ Tweetiaa)

3. I dig his tweet on Jan 25, 2012, but HE deleted all his tweet on that day (I don’t know when he deleted)

4. In one of HIS tweet, HE said that HIS ideal type is the woman on bank note 50.000 won, and HE tweet a picture of that bank note, you can see here: super13stars.wordpress.com

@special1004: I like a 50000 won like this kekeke. The point is not about my ideal type, but this photo keke

5. With SHE changed her ava with that picture, I (we) assumed that HIS ideal type is HER!

6. I don’t know if I’m being delusional or not, but I believe it’s not coincidence, maybe a hint? What do you think? ^ ^

Thanks for all who help me with this, sorry if I’m not mention you all one by one ^ ^!


[TWITTER] 130126 Leeteuk and Kang Sora change their twitter ava


Haahahahaa..both of them change their ava almost in same time..but Leeteuk change it first ^^..and maybe Sora change hers because the reactions from Teuk’s ava..look at this :


kekekeke..Teuk who-always-boasting-with-his-body and Sora who-always-be-Teuk’s body-fangirl

they are so cute right? ^___^ I’m happy for them..how about you?


Dimple Couple Ep.22 when Sora amaze with Teuk’s muscle and body, her eyes can’t move from him..hihihi


(sssssttt..don’t be jealous okay ^^)