[TWITTER] 130402 Kang Sora twitter update

[Trans] …In order to understand the world of puppy clothes.. I hope I can be handy (skillful) with it too (putting/choosing/making the clothes). (But/Seems) My hand is slow-witted hand*. [Trans by kirane]

kirane: “곰” literary mean slow-witted, I think what she meant was sloppy.


[TWITTER] 130316 Kang Sora twitter update

I went to Lotte Cinema just now~~ Thank you to everyone who has come to see on this sunny weekend!

Trans by: (uwie)

I came to a stage greeting~~~ Paapapapaaroti, please come all to watch~~~~ if u want to meet great movie actors oppa/gentlemen actors, come on ….hurry up..!~~~~

Trans by Juday Dulay

[INSIGHT] Coincidence or Hint ?

1. Today, SHE changed her ava with this fanart of her using bank note 50.000 Won (@reveramess )

2. One DC Lover (@ 0208caramel) remind me about HIS tweet regarding “ideal type” issue (his tweet over a year ago, Jan 25, 2012 to be precise thanks to @ Tweetiaa)

3. I dig his tweet on Jan 25, 2012, but HE deleted all his tweet on that day (I don’t know when he deleted)

4. In one of HIS tweet, HE said that HIS ideal type is the woman on bank note 50.000 won, and HE tweet a picture of that bank note, you can see here: super13stars.wordpress.com

@special1004: I like a 50000 won like this kekeke. The point is not about my ideal type, but this photo keke

5. With SHE changed her ava with that picture, I (we) assumed that HIS ideal type is HER!

6. I don’t know if I’m being delusional or not, but I believe it’s not coincidence, maybe a hint? What do you think? ^ ^

Thanks for all who help me with this, sorry if I’m not mention you all one by one ^ ^!


[TWITTER] 130217 Kang Sora twitter update

잊을수없는하루! 와주셔서 넘넘 감사해요…우훗! 너무긴장해서 차에서부터실신.. 무사히집에왔습니다 추운날 다들 잘들어가셨는지.. pic.twitter.com/fFFBrqh7

An unforgettable day! Thank you so so much for coming (to the fanmeeting)… Woohoot! I was so nervous, ever since I was in the car I felt like I was going to have a fainting fit.. I’ve come home safely. It’s a cold day, make sure that everyone/you all come back home well (in safety).

thank you for coming!! im so glad to see you guys… xie xie wan an! pic.twitter.com/3sZuRvLg

미처 못본선물들이있어서 다시…. 너너너무감사해요! 굿밤굿밤~~!! pic.twitter.com/1ztNmByd

There are gifts that could not be seen (included in the pic), again… thank you so so so much! Good night good night~~!!

source : @reveramess

Tranlation by Hiedi/@nhb19 . Please take out with proper credit.


[TWITTER] 130126 Leeteuk and Kang Sora change their twitter ava


Haahahahaa..both of them change their ava almost in same time..but Leeteuk change it first ^^..and maybe Sora change hers because the reactions from Teuk’s ava..look at this :


kekekeke..Teuk who-always-boasting-with-his-body and Sora who-always-be-Teuk’s body-fangirl

they are so cute right? ^___^ I’m happy for them..how about you?


Dimple Couple Ep.22 when Sora amaze with Teuk’s muscle and body, her eyes can’t move from him..hihihi


(sssssttt..don’t be jealous okay ^^)

[TWITTER] 130111 Kang Sora twitter update

BAU4rETCEAAcsGA.jpg large

꼬미가 날 사랑하는 방식… 고소한 발냄시.. pic.twitter.com/16euOESU

Trans: The way Ggomi loves me.. Foot odor that smells nice/fragrant..

밀린재방송보러 이만.. 다음에또!

Trans: I’m off to catch up reruns (on TV) now.. (Do this) again next time!