[VIDEO] 120102 Sungmin mentioned Sora (sister in law no.5) at Sukira KTR


here’s the link to ktr sukira where sungmin mentioned sis-in-law
starts @1.54

wook: sungmin ssi…yesterday was ur b’day
min: yes
wook: who gave you b’day wishes?
min: b’day wish? our members…and also kangsora sis in law
wook: she even gave you cake…kangsora ssi really…likes sungmin
min+wook: hahahahahhaa
min: kangsora ssi thank you, because of ur cake, my skin becomes better

cr: lovejc321 and scatterbrain (soompi)


[TRANS] 120102 SUKIRA Kiss The Radio (Sungmin and Ryewook DJ)

#Sukira Sungmin said that Teuk was the one who caked him and he’s looking forward to Teuk’s birthday. ROFL.
#Sukira Sora gave Sungmin a cake (the one Teuk caked on his face). Then Wook said “Seems like Sora sshi likes you a lot.” Sungmin said “Sora sshi, thank you. My skin is good cos of that (being caked)..” LOL.
cr: @HeequeenTing

Sora gave Sungmin birthday cake ^^! so happy she always care for her brother in law~..hmmm so LeeTeuk was the one who smack the cake, the one SoRa gave him, on SungMin’s face, hehe… i think someone is jealous, haha..

~ohana~ @Dimple_Couple

[TWITTER] 111204 Leeteuk Twitter Update: I will be back again after become a greater person!

@special1004 : 5년3개월의 추억..1932일간의 키스..슈키라..행복했습니다..군대가기전 마지막날까지 하는게 내 목표였는데 생각보다 조금은 이른 이별이었네요..지켜줘서 고마웠습니다..사랑합니다 http://pic.twitter.com/DtbaaNKQ

@special1004: Memory of 5 years and 3 months..kiss for 1932 days..sukira..I was happy..Do the broadcast until the last day before I go for army was my target ..The farewell came a bit earlier than I expected..Thank you for watching over us..I love youhttp://pic.twitter.com/DtbaaNKQ

@special1004: 슈키라를 거쳐간 23명의 pd님과 작가분..그리고 내 짝 내동생 은혁이 수많은 게스트들 그리고 우리가dj자리를 지킬수있게 슈키라를 지켜준 우리 슈키라 가족들 모두 감사합니다 더 큰 사람되서 다시 돌아올게요! http://pic.twitter.com/PSacuKy5

@special1004: 23 PDs and writers who passed through Sukira..and my pair, my dongsaeng Eunhyukie, many of the guests, and our sukira family members who watch over sukira for us to keep our DJ position, thank you everyone. I will be back again after become a greater person! http://pic.twitter.com/PSacuKy5

@donghae861015 동해야 고마워..시간내서까지 와주고..역시 넌 슈키라의 보물이야..

@special1004: @donghae861015 Donghae ya Thank you..You even took time to come here..You are really the treasure of Sukira..

@siwon407 시원와 고맙다!!!우리말했던 것처럼 어디가나 최고!!!최선이다!!!

@special1004: @siwon407 Siwon ah Thank you!!! Like what we said before, be the best!!! do the best!!! whenever we go

Credit: Lee Teuk (special1004)
Translation:  진라면(=^ㅅ^=)(^._.^) (jinn8812elf)

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[TRANS] 111122 SUKIRA Kiss The Radio : EunTeuk DJ will leaving Sukira?

LT: Before we introduce this song, we shall introduce this two guests first. Super Junior’s Sungmin-ssi and Ryeowook-ssi. Eunhyuk-ssi said that they’re our Adam couple~
Minwook: Eunhyuk-ssi (is leaving) because of musical and is TeukDJ leaving because of WGM?
LT: It’s not all about WGM, just that I’m quite busy recently…
Ming: Are you going for honeymoon~?
LT: Nope~ We haven’t actually plan for it yet, I already said I’m busy recently.

cr: 凝幻

trans by: @rapperhyuk

so, one of his schedules (maybe) is WGM, hope they really film it..