[PICT] 130217 Sora’s Birthday Party and Fan Meeting


FanAcct: SoraFanMeet 17Feb2013 [Credit:http://twitpic.com/c4jukk]
At the beginning, play Bday video – Opening Dance [Loving You] – Played the piano [Summer] – played video – Q&A – Sang Song – Played games (Those sisters sitting in front won, even won tomorrow’s VIP press, very exciting). She read a fan letter (Sora cried while reading) – took photos with fans – END. Sora spoke Mandarin. Sora said fans’ kids are pretty and kids kissed Sora during took photo!I was very excited that she spoke mandarin.
[translated by @luvallkorea @@Johmc8097]
[Original fan account in chinese: http://twitpic.com/c4jukk]
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[INSIGHT] Sora’s white clock on Teukie’s bedside table?

On the 29 of October 2012, while counting down his enlistment day Leeteuk revealed his room picture on twitter.

In a short time a white clock on his bedside table gained attention for it’s similarity to Sora’s present on Teukie’s birthday. TSL Korea has also confirmed that the star lamp on Teukie’s table was a gift from TSL. Whew! Having your cheeks ascended to heaven now ^^? kekekeke…

cr: @special1004 and @atiihRosalina

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[NEWS] 120218 Kang So Ra treats the staff a meal on her birthday, “Thank you fans!”


Actress Kang So Ra who appears on KBS 2TV’s Dream High 2 treated the production crew a meal.

On February 18, Kang’s fan club provided seolleongtang (stock soup of bone and stew meat) to the production crew of Dream High 2 for Kang’s birthday.

It is said that the shooting atmosphere livened up and got a lot brighter thanks to the meal that Kang’s fans provided to the hardworking actors and staff.

A representative of Dream High 2 revealed that Kang So Ra said, “I want to thank all my fans for their kind hearts and consideration. I was glad because all the actors and staff enjoyed the meal. It was really meaningful.”

Currently on Dream High 2, Kang plays the role of Shin Hae Sung who wants to be a singer.

Credit: ilnungcha | Korea.com