[NEWS] Super Junior Leeteuk announces that he’s producing a song for dear fans

Super Junior Leeteuk recently announced that the song he’s producing himself is coming out soon.

On the afternoon of July 30, Leeteuk tweeted, “The audio of my new song has finally come out. That’s one of the songs I feel attached to the most. It looks like I can display my emotions. Hold on for a moment. It’s coming soon.”

Last year, the Super Junior leader co-produced “Andante,” a song from the group’s fifth album. The song gave the group’s fans great amusement. The announcement of the singer’s releasing a new song is making the fans excited once again.

Netizens responded: “He’s even writing lyrics? I’m really looking forward to the song.” “Leeteuk is an all-round entertainer.” “I wonder how he’s gonna express his emotions?”

Source: TV Report

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Leeteuk’s new title song is “Only You”, wondering who is “YOU” here ^___^?


[INSIGHT] Dimple Couple, Dimple House and Sora become Leeteuk’s manager

Let’s start from watching WGM Preview for next episode here :


for next episode Sora become Leeteuk manager and she met Leeteuk at CJ E&M, on this blog we can saw a fancam that a proof they have shooting WGM on July,12th..I love their stare… ❤

but look at this..regarding she become a manager, she gives Leeteuk service like a manager usually do, like fanning him 🙂 and here we go..what a special fan that made by special manager (Sora wifey) for Leeteuk?

yup ^^! of course even though just a fan..that’s a special fan which has wedding picture there :)!!! kekekeke…here the more clearly wedding picture that sora put on the fan :

kekekeke..this wedding picture we can see after ep.26 on July,14th rite? so I think on July,12th (when they wgm filming on CJ) no one fans know about this picture…so definitely this is pure Sora’s idea since she can get their wedding photo directly…the picture so meaningful rite? because this is when Leeteuk first kiss to Sora…awwwwww #nosebleeding (Sora>> good job)

and then Sora asked Leeteuk to go to the car..she wear the birthday gift from Leeteuk :’) :

and now flash back to yesterday episode when Woojung Couple going to Dimple House..and this make me crack up…hahahahaha 😀 :

Look at their position :), did you see Sora’s expression to Leeteuk when he calling Eunjung?hahaha..priceless 🙂 #oh okay now you can call her but remember I’m beside you so don’t talk anything that make me mad or jelaous# hahahahaha…and you can see Teuk’s pants behind Sora..she seem not disturbed by that (so what that’s my hubby pants) lalalalala~~…

and when Woojung Couple came, DC seems have a dinner time togther 🙂


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[INSIGHT] Was Leeteuk’s birthday cake similar as that given by Sora to Sungmin?


thanks Lil_Vna for the tip ^^!

On 120718 at Star Life Theater – Super Junior we can saw Suju members gathering and make a birthday cake for their leader hyung Leeteuk ^___^

10.59 Leeteuk’s Birthday Cake from Suju members done :

and then 12.34 Leeteuk came to dorm and Suju member sing Birthday song, there is 2 birthday cake on table, one with rainbow candle and one with teuk word 🙂

12.46 we can saw a birthday cake with many rainbow candle :

when you see this cake did you realize something that related to Sungmin? yup this cake was similar with Sungmin’s Birthday Cake that given by Sora when January,1st 2012 at MBC Gayo Daejoon :)..here the pict :

The cake’s decoration so similar :), both has rainbow candle and fruit then the cream was over on the topping, kekeke..

did Sora send another birthday cake to Suju dorm for Leeteuk on his birthday date? or did Sungmin thinking about this decoration and make one for Leeteuk too? hahaha..lol

so it’s just for fun and I’m not responsible for your delusional thought…lalalalala~~ ^_____^