[TWITTER] 130126 Leeteuk and Kang Sora change their twitter ava


Haahahahaa..both of them change their ava almost in same time..but Leeteuk change it first ^^..and maybe Sora change hers because the reactions from Teuk’s ava..look at this :


kekekeke..Teuk who-always-boasting-with-his-body and Sora who-always-be-Teuk’s body-fangirl

they are so cute right? ^___^ I’m happy for them..how about you?


Dimple Couple Ep.22 when Sora amaze with Teuk’s muscle and body, her eyes can’t move from him..hihihi


(sssssttt..don’t be jealous okay ^^)

[FANART] Dimple Couple’s Smile ^____^

398996_382420235186895_638685541_n[FANART] by Alfiyatul ALvin Qomariyah (original picture cr: as tagged)
I miss their smile… ^__^

486040_379372565491662_2092570645_n[SIMILARITY] Selca with child actress with v-sign v^_^ by Muthiah Safriani

23325_379371378825114_713090090_n[SIMILARITY] Pouty mouth + Double V-sign = Cute Couple ♥♥♥ (original picture credit: as tagged) by Alfiyatul ALvin Qomariah

428217_381149538647298_1303946800_nI ♥ U (teuk’s original picture cr: 中国利特家族)