[FANART] Dimple Couple “I miss you…”

[FanArt] Let’s smile..!! ^^ by:Nurawa_Ji

[FanArt] It only takes a single Dimple Smile to brighten up my day!! by:@wayland_clary

[FanArt] Far in Distance but Near at Heart..You’ll Always be Together into Our Hearts.. By:@wayland_clary

[FanArt] “I miss your presence next to me.”

This is beautiful ㅠㅠ


[FANART] Dimple Couple F.5.R.E.V.E.R

[FanArt] F.5.R.E.V.E.R I will hold your hand tight ^^ <3Teukso♥ Same heart. By: @Nurawa_ji
Thanks Nuje Sung

[FanArt] A Kiss For U… By: @Nurawa_j

[FanArt] by art.for.fun @Nurawa_ji *imagining* *drooling* *blushing*

I Love her fanart ^^!

[FanArt] Please Remember… by art.for.fun @Nurawa_ji
Thanks Nuje Sung ^^