[INSIGHT] 120417 Leeteuk’s (Jungsoo) Cyworld Skin has changed

Source : 박정수 미니홈피
Credit : Withjungsoo.com
Leeteuk changed his cyworld’s background on Dimple Couple 200th Day Anniversary ^___^! Is it a sign for us that they are still feel in love? even though we don’t have a clear sign..but we know this can be right? so happy and smile widely ^_______^! I love the color..white..did you feel this looks like their last wedding fanart :)?
and thank you so much for all DC Lovers who have join with us on #HappyTeukSora200thDay Anniversary today ^^..

[FANVID] Teuk & Sora Dimple Couple 200th Day Anniversary Compilations


thanks Janet Villarin for the tip ^^!

#HappyTeukSora200thDay all DC Lovers and Fighting Dimples around the world ^^!

I found this fanvid was amazing! she/he has making effort to make this..but why I almost teared when saw all these sweet moments..sobs :’)

Hope you can enjoy our party today! Let’s Fighting!


[NOTICE] Let’s Celebrate Dimple Couple 200th Day Anniversary

Hello all DC Lovers around the world ^^!

Dimple Couple will celebrate their 200th Day Anniversary on April,17th 2012 ^____^!!

so everyone who claims they are DC Lovers must support and give them congratulated :)..please united to do this project..How do it?

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This awesome fanart is created by xianxian (FD at soompi)

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Let’s celebrate it…You can do it DC Lovers..Fighting !!

We love all Dimple Couple Lovers..Fighting Dimples! and We are Faith till the end ^^

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VinniE and Admins WGM Leeteuk and Sora

(Thanks ohana,xkyu,supergirlRain,Nona,Mieru,Xianxian,Heidi,KSInt’lFansClub,teuksoralover,dzudzu and all the rest that I can’t tell one by one ^^)

The Love Journey of Dimple Couple

and the stories has begun..all of these are The Love Journey of Dimple Couple

cr: hyukhaeppy & wgmcouple

Hi DC Lovers~ ^___^

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I will notice you more details about the trending topic ^^! I wish all of you can join us..and I’m glad that FD from soompi doing an awesome project too now..We love Dimple Couple ❤ !!

thank you so much in advance