[NEWS] 130719 Where will Leeteuk be stationed after the celebrity recruits areabolished?

Now that the Ministry of Defense has abolished the celebrity recruits, Super Junior fans are more curious than ever to see where Leeteuk will be placed.

Leeteuk had originally been placed in the 306 reserve at Gyeonggido Uijeongbu, but then had been moved to the celebrity recruits along with Sangchu by the Ministry of Defense.

But now that the Ministry of Defense had abolished the celebrity recruits, saying that the 15 current recruits will be reassigned to different units starting from August 1st, there are many guesses, including one that says that he’ll be going back to his original 306 reserve.

So far, there are no definite answers, so stay tuned for updates.

source : allkpop

Wherever he will be stationed, I’m sure he’ll do just fine. He’ll do great to accomplished all the tasks given to him. Park Jungsu we proud of you! Hwaiting!


[INFO] 130718 Including our leader Leeteuk, all celebrity soldiers will be reassigned to different units on August 1st. Ministry of Defense in Korea announces decision to abolish celebrity recruit unit.

For now we know that Teuk is not one of the celebrity soldiers receiving punishment, but after the military musical schedule has ended, he will be reassigned to recruit units to receive official trainings like all normal soldiers.

Cr: AllKpop, TeukBar
Trans: @13elieveSG
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Explanation About Army Changes:

1. Korean army no longer will have “celebrity soldiers” for PR services. Those who enlist from now on as active-service will all be normal soldiers.

2. Ones that are “Celebrity Soldiers” right now will all be transferred to different divisions.

3. Park Jungsu (Leeteuk) is not included in the 8 soldiers that will be punished for illegal usages of phones/going outside their assigned areas/etc. He (Jungsu) and other soldiers who will not be punished, will be transferred to different divisions on August 1st.

4. Celebrity Soldiers are not same as Public Service soldiers. The change will not affect Heechul/ Jongwoon(Yesung). Public soldiers are selected before enlistment, through health examinations. If they aren’t fit to serve in active- service, they are sent to public service. Celebrity Soldiers are soldiers that enlisted as active- service, and have done audition to be selected (or in rare cases, chosen by the army personnel)

I think that should answer most of
your questions. ^^
Cr: NKSubs


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