[NEWS] 170413 Kang Sora, Im Joo Hwan chosen as the main lead for SBS drama ‘Bravo My Life’

Actress Kang Sora will meet with actor Im Joo Hwan (a.k.a Lim Joo Hwan) through a drama. From a telephone conversation, Kang Sora’s representative from her agency KM Culture told My Daily on the afternoon of 15th April, it has been confirmed that. Kang Sora will take part in SBS new daily drama ‘Bravo My Life’ (working title).

Following after that, Im Joo Hwan’s agency representative also had confirmed the news on the very same day, stating that Im Joo Hwan will be starring in the SBS daily drama ‘Bravo My Life’.

Drama ‘Bravo My Life’ is going to replace the broadcast slot of drama ‘The Birth of a Family’ and it is a collaboration work of PD Shin Yoon Sub the director of drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘Why Did You Come To My House’ together with scriptwriter Jung Ji Woo who wrote for drama ‘My Lovely Fool’ and ‘Family’s Honor’. It’s a story that will show warm family affection by portraying it through the way of understanding & healing each other’s wound within the family.

Im Joo Hwan who hasn’t been on a small screen for a long time after discharged from military last February will meet the viewers through this drama. “It’s my first work after being discharged, I’m so excited and have big expectation about it. Through this work, I’ll show you a good side of me so please give much interests and love to it,” stated Im Joo Hwan via his. agency.

‘Bravo My life’ starring Kang Sora and Im Joo Hwan, is scheduled to be broadcast in May following after drama ‘The Birth of a Family’.
Source: www.mydaily.co.kr

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[INTERVIEW] 130416 Transcript Army FM with Leeteuk

[PICT] Army FM with Leeteuk [cr:speeding967]

Leeteuk played Only U. He said he is blushing now that he’s looking at the lyrics. XD
(Vinnie: why he must blushing when he played Only U? is he thinking about someone ^^?)

Leeteuk ” yesterday.. After the radio ended, I walked out and looked up at the sky.. I felt pressured..Why do i feel this way? Hehe”
(Vinnie: so this is it..he looked up at the SKY, as a DCL we are know Sora means the sky right?hahaha..a hint again?)

Teuk played a song by Rihanna. After it ended he said “pd worked hard to bring her into studio today.She has left already. Thank you!”

Teuk has tried testing how much he could drink. He went with members to test it. He said he can drink a bottle, max.

(Vinnie: Teuk must be try hard to drink, because his wife knows how to drink..it’s not fun if she get a drink with another man right? kkkkk…)

Teuk fans sent in food support today. Teuk said he ate it well. Rain praised him & said his fans know what combination is great Leeteuk ” i can drink a bottle (of soju) at most.. i guess i am a man too :D!”

Teuk said Rain calls him by saying “teuk teuk teuk teuk~~~~” and that Rain sunbaenim is full of aegyos ㅎㅎ

Teuk said fan sent letters with perfume on it.Because army is full of men, it stinks. Teuk wanted to smell fresh so he carried the letter

when teuk went to practice shooting, a car with fx chicken endorsement on it passed by. He said he started talking to himself like “are you guys doing well..?” And felt that he was going crazy xD

Teuk mentioned Donghae and said “i miss him…”

Teuk said when he tries to convince someone, he lays out the pros and tries to convince the other. If all fails, he cries XDD

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[INTERVIEW] 130414 Transcript Army Broadcast FM with Leeteuk

Q. There were times that the members made you sad?

A.When I got out for my first break, it was really the first time that I was able to get out after a period of 3 months so I thought that I should do this and do that with the members and go for a vacation with the members. After getting out, when I said “do this together with me” to the members, the members said “hyung, sorry, I have schedules”, “hyung, sorry, I am busy”..because they said that, I was hurt and I went to watch movies alone, watched movies via vod and for the 4 nights and 5 days, I was stuck in the house.

OX quiz – after I, Leeteuk, enlisted (I led the army life comfortably as someone who is closely acquainted with SNSD / became crazy of choco pies / there are veteran soldiers that I am quite afraid of / there were times that i cried / there were times that Super Junior members made me sad) It was supposed to be a OX quiz but he answered O for everythingㅋ ㅋ

Q. The person that you miss the most?

A. Probably because I am a soldier, my family.. I miss my family the most. I miss women the most.

Q. When do you miss the fans the most?

A. When I went in to the army for the first time of course. When I was a training soldier, the members had a performance in South America so the fans took pictures of the performances, wrote a letter and sent the pictures to me, I felt rather lonely(after reading the letters).

[CR: 0203KYU0105EUN via teukables]

Teuk: During the last musical performance, I got kissed by Hyunwoo..after that, I thought about getting kissed by guys and I realized that the feeling isn’t too bad

Question to Sangchu: Sangchu oppa, when Jungsoo oppa washes clothes, is it clean?

A: Firstly, Park Jungsoo will never wash clothes with his hands but he uses the washing machine well. He doesn’t put in too much clothes and the amount of detergent he puts in is just nice.
Teuk: But I will still use my hands to wash D:
Teuk says that if you want to send food, please make sure that it doesn’t expire in at least more than half a month! and also, because he has a kid’s taste, he likes food like biscuits and it has to be sweet!

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