[WGM Preview] 120707 Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.25

이특♡소라 : Kiss Me Darling♥
The Dimple Couple was enjoying their first couple trip to Nami Island!
Bridegroom Teuk teaches Sora how to ride a bicycle, who had never tried it before ~
Thanks to Sora who cried out loudly and struggling hard, Lee Teuk was soak in sweat~
Will Sora finally manage to ride a bicycle on her own safely?
This time, the couple goes to boat-rowing!
But during the course, Sora’s self camera is focused on the close-up of a specific area of Teuk~
Which appearance of bridegroom Teuk has captured Sora’s mind?
Dimple Couple arrives the place where Sora has prepared a dinner for two alone!
In the middle of the lovely meal, Sora disappears!
Then the lights went off suddenly…what is the surprise event that Sora has prepared?
After that, the couple drinks wine and the atmosphere has been utmost~
At this time, Lee Teuk’s face blushed when he receives a sudden attack (?), which is his long-awaited present.  What will it be at last?

Source: MBC We Got Married

Translated by Hanyi @ Leeteuk & Sora Soompi thread


5 thoughts on “[WGM Preview] 120707 Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.25

  1. yah,the best ever of all the wgm i watched…i want leeteuk to court kang sora in real life..an awesome couple..

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