[NEWS] 130209 Actress Kang Sora, Stepped Out As A Warmhearted Soul Food Messenger

On the upcoming Lunar New Year special program ‘Dining Table of My Soul’ which is to be aired on the 11th, she had been such a warm-hearted assistant. ‘Dining Table of My Soul’ introduces the public story behind the food, the choice of food variety that the MCs had went to taste personally. Kang Sora, Lee Kyung Kyu, Lee Su Geun and Noh Hong Cheol appeared together as the MC for the program.

The narration of the program is especially expected to revive a warm emotion from the viewer.

The appearance of Kang Sora as one of the production team for ‘Dining Table of My Soul’ is indeed highly anticipated.

Kang Sora had been a great help by sharing the story of her mother who lives in Jeju Island ; had made and sent foods for her ; a daughter who lives in Seoul and couldn’t go back even once to visit her maiden home/ parents’ home for 7 years. For this purpose, she had personally went to Jeju Island at the end of last month to complete the shooting. In addition, Kang Sora which is cute but yet calm maknae seems to play her part/role very well among the loquacity duel of the talkative Lee Kyung Kyu, Lee Su Geun and Noh Hong Chul.

Meanwhile, Kang Sora came to the 22th Seoul Music Award at the end of last month as a presenter, wearing a black long dress, emanated a vibe of sexy charm and attracted attentions.

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