The Love Journey of Dimple Couple

and the stories has begun..all of these are The Love Journey of Dimple Couple

cr: hyukhaeppy & wgmcouple

Hi DC Lovers~ ^___^

Can I ask you a favor? Please make your twitter account now and you can help us later for trending topic DC 200th Day Anniversary on April,17th 2012:)

if you already have an account, just follow us on @Dimple_Couple or me @VinnieLyra

you can follow too! Prince Leeteuk @special1004 and Baby Princess Kang Sora @reveramess

I will notice you more details about the trending topic ^^! I wish all of you can join us..and I’m glad that FD from soompi doing an awesome project too now..We love Dimple Couple ❤ !!

thank you so much in advance


5 thoughts on “The Love Journey of Dimple Couple

  1. following too and thks for making this The Love journey of DImple Couple.
    I really really really really really love them to be together and I BELIEVE they will ! I pray for them everyday ! They deserve each other !
    Yeah ! Can’t wait to see their twins !! heh heh ^^

  2. I have already change my profile picture on twitter for celebration dimple couple… lets spread our dimple couple love around the earth… ^ . ^

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