[NEWS] 120924 Kang So Ra like never before

Actress Kang So Ra displays grace and elegance.

Kang So Ra has recently participated in a photo shoot with ‘InStyle’ magazine under the concept ‘Lady on the Red Carpet’, and fitting to the concept she showed off many glamorous looks.

Kang So Ra is currently the spokesperson for the makeup brand Dior, so all the makeup used for the photo shoot were of Dior brand and they utilized their entire product lineup to help produce some of the most beautiful images.

The makeup artist for the photo shoot Ms. Ko Won Hye spoke about Kang So Ra, “It doesn’t matter the type of the makeup, she has the ability to make it her own”, and she also mentioned that she anticipates Kang So Ra to have infinite growth potential as an actress.

Kang So Ra’s new pictorial will be revealed through the October issue of ‘InStyle’ magazine, the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) special edition.

Source: My Daily via Nate
Image: InStyle
cr: kpopfever


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