[INSIGHT] 120417 Leeteuk’s (Jungsoo) Cyworld Skin has changed

Source : 박정수 미니홈피
Credit : Withjungsoo.com
Leeteuk changed his cyworld’s background on Dimple Couple 200th Day Anniversary ^___^! Is it a sign for us that they are still feel in love? even though we don’t have a clear sign..but we know this can be right? so happy and smile widely ^_______^! I love the color..white..did you feel this looks like their last wedding fanart :)?
and thank you so much for all DC Lovers who have join with us on #HappyTeukSora200thDay Anniversary today ^^..

8 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] 120417 Leeteuk’s (Jungsoo) Cyworld Skin has changed

  1. omo, do you guys remember he also changed his cyworld background at 100th Day Anniversary? the one with teddy bears hugging or something??

    • He don’t look like whatever the cartoon look like either LOL. Lets not assume and wait for the new episode kkk

  2. i think its absolutely for sora..look at the duck at the middle of avatar..sora wearing duck jacket when they went to the zoo, and there was a duck doll in teuki room, when he filming a birthday video for sora

    • But maybe its not for sora anymore,because we must know leeteuk likes duck it since he’s meet with sora,and it was a long time ago before they are in WGM.maybe its a sign for another girl that teukie likes cause he always identic with the duck before with sora.maybe we must remember about taeyeon..but I’m sosad if it not for sora…

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