[NOTICE] Let’s Celebrate Dimple Couple 200th Day Anniversary

Hello all DC Lovers around the world ^^!

Dimple Couple will celebrate their 200th Day Anniversary on April,17th 2012 ^____^!!

so everyone who claims they are DC Lovers must support and give them congratulated :)..please united to do this project..How do it?

Trend on twitter :

1.  Please change your twitter’s avatar, display picture on FB, blog, or anything with this fanart on Tuesday April,17th (or you can change it earlier ^^)

This awesome fanart is created by xianxian (FD at soompi)

2. We will trend on twitter 200th Day Anniversary Dimple Couple..since might be they don’t know yet about Dimple Couple (hmm..I think they know already, kekeke) so we decided to follow Fighting Dimples at soompi to celebrate that with #HappyTeukSora200thDay, because if we wanna trend this, we must have same title ^^.

So you can write on your twitter and include #HappyTeukSora200thDay like this :

“Hope you always healthy and we want twins babies soon! #HappyTeukSora200thDay, We always love you ^^..I’m a @Dimple_Couple Lovers”

(or you can create anything to express your feeling about our Dimple Couple)

Don’t make spam like this :




It will not help you either to trend this tweet -___-“

Time: We will tweet this on a same time, so it will be twitter trend on April, 17th at 1 PM KST (please remember it ^^)

Let’s celebrate it…You can do it DC Lovers..Fighting !!

We love all Dimple Couple Lovers..Fighting Dimples! and We are Faith till the end ^^

thanks to all amazing fans at @DimpleCouplePantip @DCsoompi @DCBaidubar @DCK-fans @teuksoracafefans.naver

Please follow our twitter at @Dimple_Couple


VinniE and Admins WGM Leeteuk and Sora

(Thanks ohana,xkyu,supergirlRain,Nona,Mieru,Xianxian,Heidi,KSInt’lFansClub,teuksoralover,dzudzu and all the rest that I can’t tell one by one ^^)

55 thoughts on “[NOTICE] Let’s Celebrate Dimple Couple 200th Day Anniversary

  1. I’m a fan french. I follower your blog everyday ( Sorry for my english >w> ). Dimple Couple FIGHTING ♥. Teukso together ~ ! *w*

  2. I really miss this couple…but now the story of dimpled couple in wgm its end.because the show is cancelled for permanent…I’m so sad…I hope someone can tell me that the show will airing again….I can’t eat anything and can’t sleep anymore since. I heard that the show will cancelled for permanent…can u help me guys?????

  3. Wow Teukkie unfollowed Sora again on Twitter. Maybe he really means it this time and not by accident anymore since they are not WGM has ended….. Sigh. Hopefully this shit is not real.

    • Are u sure???so what the meanings of this??are u think teuki didn’t like her?or maybe he never like her???please replay…

      • Nah. I think Teukkie does have feelings for her. Or maybe he did. But the episodes of their WGM just tells me that he is genuinely attracted to her and falling for her. You can go his twitter: special1004 to see if I was right that he unfollowed her. I really hope that in a few days… MBC would bring miracle and that

      • Nah. I think Teukkie does have feelings for her. Or maybe he did. But the episodes of their WGM just tells me that he is genuinely attracted to her and falling for her. You can go his twitter: special1004 to see if I was right that he unfollowed her. I hope it’s an accident. And I really hope that in a few days… MBC would bring some miracle and say that they are bringing up WGM again.

      • Yes I hope so,because I really love dimpled couple,,,and I think that they are have feeling for each other….how abbout you,,,and of course I hope the show will airing again,so we can see the dimpled couples again…until they have honey moon and do their first kiss…how about you???anyway I’m very happy cause I can share with you,,btw,I was read dimple facbok and there a article said that thE show is not cancelled permanent but just because the stirke and will airing again if the strike is over…is that true??

      • That I’m not sure. Haha I’m happy too! I hope I can talk to you about the dimple couple personally though! And yes. I have that feeling too whenever I watched their wgm episodes. I keep watching them over and over again to analyse. And I was thinking the same also! I wanted it to air again cuz I think they should at least complete their first kiss and honeymoon. I was really anticipating for it until I found out that it has decided to stop airing….

    • You’re not sure about what???about the show will airing again???but I really hope is true,,because in the articles the pd said that is just temporary…and will show again after the strike ended….I hope to see them again,bcause its to badif ended just like this….anyway what your nme?+r your facebook aCcount??I hope we can be friends…

    • What your real name??so I can accept you now.anyway can you explain to me what the meaning if teukki unfollowed sora in twiter???is that have “special” means???

    • Ikr I had the same reaction. I was like….. Meanie. But nvm we’ll see in a few days. If it increased to 10 means he unfollowed her by accident.

  4. Guys, I am going to go mad now. Why is mbc canceling the show permantly!!!! This is shit. And why!!!!!!! At least provide a last episode.

    • Are you sure that the show will airing again or the show will not cancelled for permanent???where you heard that???

    • I think he don’t cares about sora anymore.m..and he just try to forgeted about sora…I’m so sad now,,why it must be happened??I was have feelings that teukie had feelings for her until I read the articles about teukie is unfollowed sora in twiter…I’m go mad now..what do you think???

  5. Tomorrow, this is the day : 200th together. Why this is not a happy day ? I am really fan of Dimple couple, but… Even though I knew it was all fictitious. I feel bad ! Leeteuk disappoints me. I do not think this is a mistake. This is the 2nd time now… T__________T MAMA ! WHYYY ???! I LOSE CONFIDENCE ? WHY HIIM ? :iamnotenglish: >______>

    • Me too…where do you come from???you know the fact is leeteuk just like pretending and everything je do just an acting..I think the really fact is he never cares and never have feelings for sora…and maybe now he’s try to ending all the story…

  6. Maybe leeteuk just acting for a while??or just pretending,and he never really cares about sora??and all the events that he makes just for broadcasting???I think I strat to hate teukie right now…

      • I’m really go mad now,,I don’t understand with teukie,he look likes just acting for sora…I don’t know but I think he became a bad boy now,even I’m very like him….

  7. This is really confusing me, if teukie unfollowed sora in twitter is it just an accident? If its not an accident and he really unfollowed sora in twitter then why did he tweet saying that he doesn’t want wgm to get cancelled because they haven’t really meet a lot yet. Someone please tell me what is what. I’m starting to not like teukie if he really unfollowed kang sora. :((((

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