[TRANS] 130327 Leeteuk Interview on Military Ambassador Ceremony

Q: The letters fans have sent to you guys must have been a big strength. If you have one letter that stood out, please tell us about it

Leeteuk: I remember the (first 5 week) training the most. I received about 10,000 letters. I received a lot. The letter I remember is… In training, you rarely have chance to eat sweet snacks except for the choco-pies that are given at church… but one fan sent small snacks wrapped in tissue, saying she did this for her brother before. She sent one daily. Sometimes she’d send thin chocolate snacks too… I felt that this was a bigger gift than anything else.

Q: Leeteuk-ssi, recently Kang Sora-ssi said you have become more manly and that she still has the bracelet you gave her. How do you feel?

Leeteuk: First, I think she kept the bracelet because it was made of gold (laugh). And she said I have become more manly. Like people say, Korean men only become real men after coming back from the army. If she says I have become more manly just in the few months I have been here, I think I will be much more manly when I come out in 2014. I will do my best in the remaining time to do whatever tasks given to me. I miss KangSora-ssi too. Thank you.

Trans by: @NKSubs
pict cr:@Alfiyatul Alvin
Addition: Sangchu said he got a signed CD sent by SNSD. Leeteuk said “I didn’t receive any signed CD from SNSD” LOL [youngwoonjungsu]


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