[VIDEO/TRANS] 130419 Music Town with Leeteuk

cr: ol hi

Brief translation from Music Town with Leeteuk (I think it’s the last part?) cr: @TSL08 :
They keep saying they are really lonely and they became really big fan of girl group-singers (In Korea there is a general thought that soldiers really miss women. Because in army, there is no women and most of soldiers are early 20’s men.) And at the end of the program teuk said is it all? finished? he was like he want more. so sangchu said”u want video letter to Kang Sora-ssi? or something” and teuk said “no, Im not gonna record it..”.

sssttt…looks like we have the same habit isn’t it ^^? we often tease our friends because they like someone.. and why we tease them? because we believe and know he likes her and so she does…hehehehe.. thank you so much Sangchu Oppa ^__^! [VinniE]

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