[INSIGHT] 130326 Kang Sora’s Interview on SBS Radio


Sora revealed Leeteuk’s recent development: [after enlisting] he became more muscular, naturally tan, even more masculine now, probably the physique of army men. In the radio broadcast, Sora, “I watched Leeteuk performance in The Promise recently. Leeteuk now when compared to ‘WGM’ time, is much ‘better’. She also said “she kept the bracelet Teuk gave her (during wgm), tho it is gold, it’s very thin” Sora smiling.

[姜素拉透露利特近况:”(入伍后) 身上有了肌肉,也自然晒黑,更有男人味了,是军队体质呢”] 在广播节目中,姜素拉说道:”不久前去看了利特演音乐剧的样子”,”利特比’我结’时好了很多”,又说道“珍藏着‘我结’时利特送的手镯,虽然是金子,但很薄”引发笑声

Credit: Chinese Translation from Baidu Dimple Couple
Rough Translation: English from Chinese by Luvallkorea

She kept the bracelet ^^!



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