[TWITTER] 130217 Kang Sora twitter update

잊을수없는하루! 와주셔서 넘넘 감사해요…우훗! 너무긴장해서 차에서부터실신.. 무사히집에왔습니다 추운날 다들 잘들어가셨는지.. pic.twitter.com/fFFBrqh7

An unforgettable day! Thank you so so much for coming (to the fanmeeting)… Woohoot! I was so nervous, ever since I was in the car I felt like I was going to have a fainting fit.. I’ve come home safely. It’s a cold day, make sure that everyone/you all come back home well (in safety).

thank you for coming!! im so glad to see you guys… xie xie wan an! pic.twitter.com/3sZuRvLg

미처 못본선물들이있어서 다시…. 너너너무감사해요! 굿밤굿밤~~!! pic.twitter.com/1ztNmByd

There are gifts that could not be seen (included in the pic), again… thank you so so so much! Good night good night~~!!

source : @reveramess

Tranlation by Hiedi/@nhb19 . Please take out with proper credit.


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