3 thoughts on “[FANART] Dimple Couple

  1. Woah… I love this couple very much… And its hard that we can’t see them together & I’m still
    at my withdrawal Syndrome… I can’t believe that the show has ended & I missed them so
    much… And its nice to see their sweet & lovely photo… And I hope & wish that the “Admin.”
    will continue to upload the updates of our dearest Dimple Couple… Thanks a lot!… Cheers!.

    • its so sad to think that we can no longer see their sweetness every saturday..i wish they still continue their friendship and love despite of being apart..its very hard for them that after their show they cant see each other for a longer time because of military service..i just hope sora will patiently waiting for leeteuk and then continue of what they are started after his service..i miss dimple couple so much..thanks for bringing joy into my miserable life…

      • Yes,,,its make me sad..I always think about the real relationship betwen them now,,are they keep in contact now,or they never have comunication again since they filming the last episode….

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