[TWITTER] 121202 – 121207 Kang Sora twitter update

121202 @reveramess : kangsora.kr  드디어 제 공홈이 열렸습니당! 꺅! 많이찾아와주세요^^

[Trans] http://www.kangsora.kr/ Finally I opened my official homepage! Kyak! Please look/visit for more ^^

121204 @reveramess : 강소라가 가수이소라님 콘서트보고왔습니당! 겨울이 왔네요..

[Trans] Kang Sora come to see the concert of the singer Lee Sora-nim! Winter has come..
By: hiedi/@nhb19


121206 Trans : When it’s cold, the warm floor and eating roasted sweet potato is fun.. I like it!!
By: hiedi/@nhb19

A9gBeLACEAAOC7r.jpg large

121207 @reveramess : 샤워하고나온 꼬미 애교가 늘었다 털도 많이 자랐다 ! pic.twitter.com/utbvnQkJ

[Trans] Just came out of the shower, seems Gomi’s aegyo/cuteness has increased and his fur grew a lot!
By: hiedi/@nhb19


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