[INTERVIEW] 130416 Transcript Army FM with Leeteuk

[PICT] Army FM with Leeteuk [cr:speeding967]

Leeteuk played Only U. He said he is blushing now that he’s looking at the lyrics. XD
(Vinnie: why he must blushing when he played Only U? is he thinking about someone ^^?)

Leeteuk ” yesterday.. After the radio ended, I walked out and looked up at the sky.. I felt pressured..Why do i feel this way? Hehe”
(Vinnie: so this is it..he looked up at the SKY, as a DCL we are know Sora means the sky right?hahaha..a hint again?)

Teuk played a song by Rihanna. After it ended he said “pd worked hard to bring her into studio today.She has left already. Thank you!”

Teuk has tried testing how much he could drink. He went with members to test it. He said he can drink a bottle, max.

(Vinnie: Teuk must be try hard to drink, because his wife knows how to drink..it’s not fun if she get a drink with another man right? kkkkk…)

Teuk fans sent in food support today. Teuk said he ate it well. Rain praised him & said his fans know what combination is great Leeteuk ” i can drink a bottle (of soju) at most.. i guess i am a man too :D!”

Teuk said Rain calls him by saying “teuk teuk teuk teuk~~~~” and that Rain sunbaenim is full of aegyos ㅎㅎ

Teuk said fan sent letters with perfume on it.Because army is full of men, it stinks. Teuk wanted to smell fresh so he carried the letter

when teuk went to practice shooting, a car with fx chicken endorsement on it passed by. He said he started talking to himself like “are you guys doing well..?” And felt that he was going crazy xD

Teuk mentioned Donghae and said “i miss him…”

Teuk said when he tries to convince someone, he lays out the pros and tries to convince the other. If all fails, he cries XDD

Translated by: NKSubs
Shared at: Sup3rjunior.com


(sorry unnie, I add some parts ^^)

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