[INSIGHT] 120811 Leeteuk’s Cyworld Background Update

Hangul caption :

사람이 살다보면 나라에 떨어져 보고 싶어도 아무 것도 보이지 않고, 듣고 싶어도 아무 것도 들리지 않을 때가 있어… 비록 내 삶이 암흑에 묻혀 나를 구속할지라도 넘어져서 자신만 한탄하기보다는 좀 더 멋지게 넘어져서 더 높게 날아가는 방법을 택할거야… 보여주고 말겠어! 결국 승리는 나의 것이니까…

(Note: Sorry if it’s not translated perfectly by me.And for the Hangul caption, I tried my best to extract it since it’s a bit blurry. Hopefully I got it right)

Translation for wording at the bottom of Leeteuk CYWORLD update :

As I live away from people in the country, even when I want to meet/miss someone I couldn’t get to meet any, there will be times even when I want to hear from someone but I couldn’t get to hear any… Even though if my life is buried in the darkness, even that, I will restrain myself rather than falling hard with mourning & grievance, I want to fall a bit more awesomely and I choose to fly higher. I swear I’ll show you! The victory would eventually be mine…

Cr: Leeteuk Cyworld trans by : Hiedi (@nhb19)

Leader T.T .. We will always waiting for you..


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