[INSIGHT] Was Leeteuk’s birthday cake similar as that given by Sora to Sungmin?


thanks Lil_Vna for the tip ^^!

On 120718 at Star Life Theater – Super Junior we can saw Suju members gathering and make a birthday cake for their leader hyung Leeteuk ^___^

10.59 Leeteuk’s Birthday Cake from Suju members done :

and then 12.34 Leeteuk came to dorm and Suju member sing Birthday song, there is 2 birthday cake on table, one with rainbow candle and one with teuk word 🙂

12.46 we can saw a birthday cake with many rainbow candle :

when you see this cake did you realize something that related to Sungmin? yup this cake was similar with Sungmin’s Birthday Cake that given by Sora when January,1st 2012 at MBC Gayo Daejoon :)..here the pict :

The cake’s decoration so similar :), both has rainbow candle and fruit then the cream was over on the topping, kekeke..

did Sora send another birthday cake to Suju dorm for Leeteuk on his birthday date? or did Sungmin thinking about this decoration and make one for Leeteuk too? hahaha..lol

so it’s just for fun and I’m not responsible for your delusional thought…lalalalala~~ ^_____^


14 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Was Leeteuk’s birthday cake similar as that given by Sora to Sungmin?

  1. seriously. i just notice one thing, the first cake is not the same as the second cake. i think that cake is from sora! cause the decoration is quite similar. with the candles and fruits. i think its true!!!! ooomooooO!

  2. wait! then sora sent a cake to sungmin? is that really the cake sora sent to sungmin? then they really are very close and as i can see sungmin is also doing the V-sign used by sora and leeteuk.. maybe its true that sora and sungmin has something that leeteuk doesnt know… oooooohhhhh!

  3. I guess the Leeteuk’s cake isn’t from Sora because if my memory serves me right, there was a part of Star Life theater video where Kangin was slicing an orange and a kiwi to be used for cake’s decoration..just my thought though..you can check the video and you’ll see.

  4. When I see the cake’s photos above, they have same typical things.
    And I’ve known that Sungmin’s cake is from Sora.

    Now I know why Leeteuk jealous over Sungmin. Hhe
    Cause his wife gives more attention to his brother in-law. XD

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