[NEWS] Super Junior Leeteuk announces that he’s producing a song for dear fans

Super Junior Leeteuk recently announced that the song he’s producing himself is coming out soon.

On the afternoon of July 30, Leeteuk tweeted, “The audio of my new song has finally come out. That’s one of the songs I feel attached to the most. It looks like I can display my emotions. Hold on for a moment. It’s coming soon.”

Last year, the Super Junior leader co-produced “Andante,” a song from the group’s fifth album. The song gave the group’s fans great amusement. The announcement of the singer’s releasing a new song is making the fans excited once again.

Netizens responded: “He’s even writing lyrics? I’m really looking forward to the song.” “Leeteuk is an all-round entertainer.” “I wonder how he’s gonna express his emotions?”

Source: TV Report

cr: en.korea

thanks Nhu Tran for the tip ^^!

Leeteuk’s new title song is “Only You”, wondering who is “YOU” here ^___^?


7 thoughts on “[NEWS] Super Junior Leeteuk announces that he’s producing a song for dear fans

  1. “Only you , Baby Princess Kang Sora”…

    I think Leeteuk wants to tell the whole world about his relationship with Kang Sora slowly…
    so that when the time comes that they will reveal their real relationship to the public it will not
    give a huge impact to the “Super Junior fans – ELF”, specially to those who are not in favor
    for Kang Sora…”TeukSora Dimple Couple”, we will love you all the way… Fighting!… cheers!.

    • I totally and absolutely agreees with you cebsjc98 !!
      I pray that those who still doesnt like Kang Sora not to judge or dislike her . Pls like Kang Sora for she is a beautiful person inside out ! Just get to know her as a person not as an actress. I believe Leetuek has eyes and knows very well who he had chosen. Let go of him and let him be happy for he had entertained everybody and made everybody happy. Those who loves him very much wants him to be happy, right ? SOOOO, please love Kang Sora also for Leetuek loves her very much. Only a blind person can’t see how much in love he is with her ! Delusion as some ppl will say but I chose to believe thats true !

  2. 18/8/12 this saturday …hopefully no more cancelation , plsssssssss MBC !
    By the way want to comment on Leetuek song that I heard… I like all the lyrics and the part tht got me to think its about Leetuek and Kang Sora is : We’re resembling each other and that means we’re in love ! ALL photos taken together !

  3. I got curious about this song when I heard that Leeteuk produced this. And when I read the English translation for the lyrics, I had goose bumps. Seriously!! I imagined him and Sora as I read the lyrics!! Omo!! I may overanalyze the situation and be delusional but I really want to believe that there is a deeper relationship between Leeteuk and Kang Sora.

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