[NEWS] Leeteuk is jealous of Sungmin for his friendship with Kang So Ra

Leeteuk‘s jealousy reached the ultimate peak.

On the June 30th episode of MBC ‘We Got Married’, Leeteuk called fellow Super Junior member Sungmin and cursed for his musical to flop.

Leeteuk got jealous of Sungmin because he had met Kang So Ra by chance when they were both in Paris.

Leeteuk-Kang So Ra couple were headed to Nami island in a car when Leeteuk stated, “Sungmin bragged to me when he went to France. Did you meet him by chance?”, and he inquired about how they met in France.

Kang So Ra answered nonchalantly, “We had our office there. We said hello and we had a meal separately. So did that worry you?”

Leeteuk replied, “I just thought you were close to Sungmin..”, then Kang So Ra interjected, “We only keep touch time to time?”, then suddenly the car shook and Leeteuk asked, “You just stepped on the break, is there something I should be concerned about?”, and Kang So Ra burst into laughter.

Kang So Ra calmly explained, “You know that I’m an only child. I thought it’d be nice if I had an oppa like him”, to which Leeteuk continued to show jealous as he said, “You’re even thinking of him as your own blood?”

Out of jealousy Leeteuk called Sungmin who was practicing for his musical, “Are you that close with So Ra?” Leeteuk passed the phone to Kang So Ra and the two proceeded to have a friendly conversation.

Sungmin said to come see his musical and Leeteuk told him, “I already have a plan to go abroad with So Ra.” Sungmin mentioned, “We also have a performance scheduled in Japan come September”, to which Kang So Ra stated, “I might go to Japan in September. I might have a schedule to go there”, and Leeteuk’s jealousy reached a boiling point.

Leeteuk couldn’t take it anymore and he told Sungmin, “I curse for you musical to flop!”, and he made Kang So Ra laugh with his playful display of jealousy.

During the private interview Leeteuk stated, “I think So Ra likes Sungmin and I think Sungmin matches with her nicely too. I thought ‘Did something happen when I wasn’t around?’. I was just a little apprehensive about it.”

Image: MBC ‘We Got Married’
Source: NewsEN via Nate

cr: kpopfever.com

thanks Janet Villarin for the tip ^^!

LOL..Teukie jealous too much..but that’s one of Love’s sign rite :)?


3 thoughts on “[NEWS] Leeteuk is jealous of Sungmin for his friendship with Kang So Ra

  1. Actually I dun really understand, some article saying they met in France and some said they met before sm and leeteuk went to France.. Anyway that not important.. The important thing is the jealousy, show tat sora is someone really occupy his heart..

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