[NEWS] 120629 DC Korean fans (Teuk Sora Lovers Cafe) make blood donation for Leeteuk’s birthday

cr: @TSL1001

@TSL1001 우결 팬클럽TSL,헌혈증126매 기증 http://j.mp/L6WsrE  “헌혈홍보대사인 슈퍼주니어의 리더 이특의 생일(7월 1일)을 맞아 준비한 사랑실천 캠페인” http://twitpic.com/a1qzm7

@Hanyissi Korean DC fans organized a blood donation event to celebrate Teukie’s birthday on 1 July. Beneficiaries are Korean cancer kids.

120629 Leeteuk knowing these and update his twitter ^___^ :

제 새일으 맞이해서 저를 사랑해주시는 팬클럽에서 한국 소아암재단에126장의 헌혈증을 기부하셨다고 합니다.!!재단측에서 많이 놀라고 감동받으셨다고 하는데 저보다 너무 위대한 팬분들이 계셔서 제가 버틸수있는거 같아요 pic.twitter.com/HlnIB3OB

@special1004: I heard that for my birthday, 126 blood donation cards were donated to the Korean Children’s Cancer Foundation from the fanclub that loves me!! The people from the foundation side said that they were really astounded and touched by that, but it feels like it’s because there are these fans who are much greater than me that I’m able to hang in there http://t.co/HlnIB3OB

그 가수에 그팬이 아닌~그 팬이 그 가수란 말 들을수있도록 많이 노력하겠습니다!!!^^든든한 내 편이 되줘서 진심으로 감사드립니다!!사랑하고 존경합니다!!! pic.twitter.com/Yd3YsgcF

They are not a fan that they could mean that the fan is to allow them to keep a lot!!!^ ^ Like thank you very much for being on my side!!Love and respect!!! http://t.co/Yd3YsgcF

really awesome celebrations from DC Korean fans..salute <33 ^____^..love it 🙂


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