[INSIGHT] Leeteuk’s cyworld and part of WGM’s scene

Leeteuk update his cyworld background a while ago on June, 27th with a couple holding hands together, walking, and seems the couple really enjoy their love time together..and now we can see a part of We Got Married scene when Leeteuk hold Sora’s hand, walking together and he really enjoy their time..Dimple Couple looks very happy ^_____^

Did you realize this? this is not just simply a coincidence..but Leeteuk is really happy and wanna share his happiness through his cyworld with us..

Leeteuk always wanna share his moment together with Sora and if that’s not so meaningful for him, why should he choose and took many couple background to describe what he and Sora do at We Got Married on his cyworld? DC Lovers may check his cyworld’s background time by time after he met Sora..he often give us a hint rite? and nowadays we can see Leeteuk more brave to put some of pict on his twitter that related with WGM..like blood donations from Teuk Sora Lovers korean DC fans (@TSL1001) and last tweet about Suju’s album with his pict on WGM wearing a hat from Sora 🙂

so what else did you want Leeteuk to proof that he always care with Sora and us? Let them our Dimple Couple make their own love story..we just pray and support them no matter way..

For my Loves Leeteuk ❤ Sora..



2 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Leeteuk’s cyworld and part of WGM’s scene

  1. do u know what mean sora in japanese??? it’s mean sky… n he know that…. the background it’s sky, right? and i think it’s mean the girl is sora…

  2. omo!really?happy to hear dat..i really hope they end up being together..i think leeteuk show his true character in wgm bcos his feeling toward sora rite..heheh delusional mode

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