[TRANS/NEWS] Article about TeukSo from an Indonesian GAUL Magazine (Leeteuk-Kang Sora Dimple Couple)


And this is the Dimple Couple, a name given to Leeteuk and Kang Sora when they became virtual married couple in a show, We Got Married, as both of them have dimples on their cheeks. This couple becomes one of the couples who have a lot of fans because of their great compatibility and their natural intimacy which seems so real. Reaching the final episode, in sad atmosphere, they shed tears and Leeteuk finally kissed Kang Sora to show his love for her.
But who ever thought that their closeness doesn’t stop only at the show. Outside the filming, even when the show has ended, Leeteuk and Kang Sora are still texting each other which make their fans so happy that they hope this couple will become real couple.
Last year, during a one of her drama press conf. Sora admitted that Teuk often gave her support and advice she really needs during her drama filming. She acted and even sang with some K Pop singers, and her ‘husband’ Leeteuk himself is a singer and that’s helped her a lot in her acting.

-Translated from 14 Most Romantic Couples – Gaul, Indonesian Magazine no.05- 2013 Special Valentine Edition-
Translated by kyunasky, please take out with full credits. Thanks.


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