11 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120425 Leeteuk has been casted on MBC’s upcoming variety show “Jewelry House”

  1. I hate MBC so much..you know why,,,???its because why they can make another variety progrram for leeteuk but they can’t make another film for him and sora??its weird.of course I’m always support for leeteuk but I need dimple couple again even it just last episode..when we can see our couples again?v?and if it not for wgm the articles which said teukie call kang sora it not true??

    • Me too!, I hate MBC… there is no doubt that their tv program is good but for WGM show
      even just a final month episode of TeukSora Dimple couple , they were not able to do it!
      they just stop & cancelled it!, and they produce another show! its really anoying!!, they
      don’t really care about the fans… I like LeeTeuk and I became a fans of SJ because of
      TeukSora Dimple couple because of their lovely support to their leader Leeteuk… I love
      the closeness of SJ brothers… I will support TeukSora & Super Junior all the way…Cheers!.

  2. Or maybe MBC just try to move our attention from wgm to this show,and they hope dimple couples fans with forgetted our couples..so sad :(.I hate mbc..

    • Hi! Gabrielie, I just read your comment that it will be aired on May 11, but I am just
      curious are you talking about WGM show that it will be aired again on 11 May 2012?…
      really?… Is this TRUE?… Please reply me because I am so pissed off of the MBC
      Entertainment, I kept on sending them some comments with regards to WGM show
      TeukSora Dimple couple why they cancelled it!. Hope to hear from you soon!…
      Thanks… Cheers!.

      • I think gabriel mean the show will aired in 11 may not WGM but the new show that called house jewerly…maybe WGM will never airing again….MBC make a crazy desition…I want killing they producer..and now,,we know that leeteuk and sora relationship its over now,because leeteuk is unfollowed sora on twiter…

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