[TRANS] 120102 SUKIRA Kiss The Radio (Sungmin and Ryewook DJ)

#Sukira Sungmin said that Teuk was the one who caked him and he’s looking forward to Teuk’s birthday. ROFL.
#Sukira Sora gave Sungmin a cake (the one Teuk caked on his face). Then Wook said “Seems like Sora sshi likes you a lot.” Sungmin said “Sora sshi, thank you. My skin is good cos of that (being caked)..” LOL.
cr: @HeequeenTing

Sora gave Sungmin birthday cake ^^! so happy she always care for her brother in law~..hmmm so LeeTeuk was the one who smack the cake, the one SoRa gave him, on SungMin’s face, hehe… i think someone is jealous, haha..

~ohana~ @Dimple_Couple

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