5 thoughts on “[ENG SUB VIDEO] 120707 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.25

  1. i wanna ask what’s the title of the song that all the host sang when leeteuk sora riding the couple bike…??

  2. Before I am just wondering why? Leeteuk loves to play an acting game with Kang Sora…
    I just have a review of this Episode 25 with the Eng sub and I just found out in the play games,
    Leeteuk can ask personal questions to Kang Sora, and Sora will answer it sincerely… And with
    kind of style they can easily getting know more with each other, rather than asking a direct
    question & it creates more awkwardness for both of them!… And Leeteuk knows that “Kang
    Sora” is genuine & has a good sense of humour she can pick up easily the indirect question in
    a form of play game!… For me, its good cause they can be friends first & get closer with each
    other before they will have a REAL relationship!… Leeteuk is very clever, good man, with a
    good sense of humour and a very good leader!… Leeteuk well done!… Fighting!… and Fingers

  3. The song when they rode the bicycle – Me To You You To Me

    I just watch the them in WMG (3rd time, hehe) Teukie save his wish coupon right? Sora wont le him use it until ‘next time’. We never saw it being use after that and probably it’s still available. I had a thought, Teukie should use the couponfor one major thing…..Teukie, please use it while proposing to her after you finish ur army. Sora can’t possibly refuse it..haha!

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