[NEWS] ‘We Got Married’, Kang So Ra mad at Leeteuk’s confession of dating history

Super Junior member Leeteuk confessed to having dated in secret and his ‘wife’ Kang So Ra seemed uncomfortable with the confession.

On the year end special of MBC TV’s ‘We Got Married’ on December 24th, Leeteuk confessed, “Because I worked as an idol from a young age there wasn’t much time for dating but still went out on many dates in secret.”

At Leeteuk’s confession, Kang So Ra asked back right away, “Many dates?” and the MC took the lie detector to Leeteuk in order to find out the truth. Leeteuk was flustered and said, “I went out on dates 2 times” but the lie detector indicated it was a lie.

Leeteuk tried to take control of the situation saying, “The things that I wanted to do when I have a girlfriend, the things that I wanted to let the public know, I am doing all that with So Ra right now” but it was too late.

Leeteuk and Kang So Ra also confessed that they were not each other’s ideal type but after meeting as a ‘married couple’, became each other’s ideal type.

Image: MBC ‘We Got Married’
Source: Xports News via Nate

cr: Ceridwen

hahaha..leader..you must behave now, but I love the fact that Sora asked this ^^

Thanks to Jellia Live for the tip ^^!


5 thoughts on “[NEWS] ‘We Got Married’, Kang So Ra mad at Leeteuk’s confession of dating history

  1. ofcourse he dated more than twice..he’s 28years old 29 in Korean age. If he didn’t then that would be the problematic thing. Sora take it as an experienced man who leaarned from the previous relationships. It is also apparent that he is doing what he always wanted to do with his special someone. Sora is obviously not mad since she went on the radio show after this…this is all for fun.

  2. She get mad.. you can see it through her eyes. he’s so defensive. haha 🙂 of course, in the public society you have a hard situations and circumstances in life like his privacy. Eeteuk, don’t get some secret dates again if you don’t want Sora kick your ass! :))

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