[TRANS] 121027 Leeteuk Vogue Japan Magazine Interview

Q: Current feeling?
Leeteuk: first, i would like to thank my fans. I received unbelievable amount of love. It also makes me uneasy because I don’t know how long I’ll receive this much love. So every time i think this way, i try to grow better so that i will be loved for a long time. Very thankful for support and love that Japan gives though we never officially promoted here.

Q: It’s been 7 years since debut. What has changed & what has not?
Leeteuk: thanks to Sorry Sorry, Super Junior became well-known and it allowed us to show our own color of music. Some criticize just saying our songs sound the same but I think criticism is a form of interest so I don’t mind it. Being able to create a genre for Super Junior is the big achievement so I have pride in that fact.

Q: You have soft ballad and tough rock genre image. Which is more closer to you?
Leeteuk: i don’t know it myself. But if I am ask ‘am I tough?’, i want to hear ‘cute!’

Q: You always appear to be smiling
Leeteuk: really? I dislike fighting. When you get angry, you scare yourself later when u remember getting angry, so i try not to do so. Members help create fun atmosphere

Q: Did you think that you had any other skills than singing?
Leeteuk: i really didn’t know. Before debut, i only dreamed of myself playing piano and making songs. But after debut, I showed leadership and naturally my MC skills came out too.

Q: Is it fun being an MC?
Leeteuk: i believe i had a negative personality before. I was a trainee for many years so I was not sure of my future and was depressed many times. But after going on shows w. SJ, my personality became brighter and brighter. I wanted to give a good energy to viewers so I do my best not to become negative.

Q: But isn’t it tiring watching out for other people’s mood? What do you do to relieve stress?
Leeteuk: Some people drink alcohol to relieve stress but i can’t. So i exercised. When I exercise, unnecessary thoughts clear from my mind. So my body became like this. (laugh) i think the body being tired is better than the mind being tired. And I want to keep working hard as I age

Q: Role of leader?
Leeteuk: creating a good mood. When all are tired or depressed from busy schedules, I have to do right things for them to recover.

Q: Any worries?
Leeteuk: When I first became a leader, i was frustrated. “because you are a leader, you have to consent to other members” was what I heard the most from Managers. If it was good, i had to give priority to other members and if it was a mistake by members, i had to be scolded together or bear the responsibility. I guess the members decided that being with me helps & that they should help me in turn.
I also Gather the ideas from members and express it to the company. So my phone bill is always the highest (laugh)

Japanese -> korean: a_ne21
Korean -> English: Nksubs
Image cr: kellyrika


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