[NEWS/TRANS] Star Interview with Leeteuk 2005/11/06, the debut year.

It’s been 7 years since we debuted but we still have the same mindset as a rookie. I debuted late as a 23years old and I always planned to go to army after 7 years of working. We received more love than we expected so I am able to leave with a happy mind.

▲The hardest time?

The time when members got involved in many incidents… I thought, ‘all that we did to get here…’ and ‘is everything over now?’ and was scared. But every time, members were there to protect me from the side, so I was able to withstand it.

▲You are working hard right now. Isn’t it sad leaving?

Yes I am sad. I finally feel like I know a bit of the stage, performing, MCing but pausing here for short time… is a bit… but every Korean men goes. I feel that I don’t have much experience in life because I debuted in early age so I can experience it this time. I think I will be able to understand the public better when I return.

▲Reactions of people around you?

Everyone tell me to play like crazy, drink, etc. But when I do try to play, (I guess checking schedule is part of work habit now), I drink little alcohol, worrying about the schedule next day. I spend the time quietly while working out.

▲That’s not really leeteuk-like(?)

Haha really? I’m contacting everyone who I am thankful to. Yesterday I called a person who used to be our stylist during rookie days. I was able to remember many memories.

▲Reactions of Sunbaes?

Kang HoDong sunbaenim says “So sad! It will help me if you were by my side when I return. Hyungs will do well so go and come back well.” Boom hyung said “I thought everything was over when I went to army but it wasn’t that. Hyungs will be doing well so come back~.” I am very thankful

▲Departure party?

I had a dinner with Lee Sooman teacher already. He told me ‘this is not the end’. There is a gathering of SM family members today (22nd). I heard this will be the first time everyone gathers. I am thankful but I also feel that I need to do well.

▲What do you want to say to Super Junior members?

Do as they are doing right now. I am worried about Donghae… We spent 13 years together so I worry that he will feel really empty. I hope he doesn’t.

▲What do you expect of army life?

Where will my personality go? I think I will continue to do everything with bright personality. I will be older than others but I will still be friendly with them. That’s me. oh, and if I have time, I want to master a foreign language. I felt frustrated sometimes during foreign concerts.

▲Soon you’ll be Park JungSu not celebrity Leeteuk. How do you feel?

I always felt lonely. Thinking back now, celebrity Leeteuk received many spotlight and love but nobody took care of the ‘person Park Jung Su. So I think that’s why I felt so empty and lonely. I want to spend the army time taking care of Park Jungsu.

▲Have you thought of after army?

I think it will be same as now. I think I will be stronger at heart though. One friend said “If you worked hard to gather fans till now, I hope you will be loved like this for a long time” and I want that to happen too. Thinking now, I want to return within 1-2weeks of returning from army. If I could do what I want, I would do a comeback showcase on the day of return. I hope everything is ready so you can’t even feel the gap. I will do my best to take care of myself too.

TRANS credit: @NKSubs
Via: ELF_thoughts


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