[INSIGHT] Sora’s white clock on Teukie’s bedside table?

On the 29 of October 2012, while counting down his enlistment day Leeteuk revealed his room picture on twitter.

In a short time a white clock on his bedside table gained attention for it’s similarity to Sora’s present on Teukie’s birthday. TSL Korea has also confirmed that the star lamp on Teukie’s table was a gift from TSL. Whew! Having your cheeks ascended to heaven now ^^? kekekeke…

cr: @special1004 and @atiihRosalina

cr: TeukSora Worldwide


4 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Sora’s white clock on Teukie’s bedside table?

  1. as sweet as it is (and i love loev love dimple couple) i can’t help but notice that leeteuk has a picture of himself in his room! hehe

    i guess the dramas where the stars have pictures of themselves in their rooms is no exaggeration. XD

  2. Do you see that lamp that has a star shape? That was a gift made by teuksora fans for their first anniversary^^ So you see, he keeps near his bed two things related to Sora, isn’t he sweet?

  3. Its really nice that Leeteuk put the gift of Kang Sora in his room… every time he want to look
    at the time that clock will remind him of Kang Sora, it means to say that it is precious and she
    is closer to his heart… I love it!… Cheers!.

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