[NOTICE] TeukSora 1st Anniversary Project – Trending Twitter on September,30th 2012

Hi all Dimple Couple Lovers International, Fighting Dimples, TeukSora Lovers Worldwide, ELF, AngelTeuk, and Kang Sora fans ^___^…(so many fans Teuk & Sora right ^^?)

We’d like to invite you all to join us for TeukSora 1st Anniversary twitter party ^^! We already success to make a Rice Wreath Project on September, 19th..so let’s make this real too guys~ :)!

You can participate this project on September, 30th 2012 by:


1. Change your twitter avatar with this picture :

please change as soon as possible before Sept, 29th.

this awesome avatar picture edited by an awesome FD ^^ : @xianxian90

2. Change your twitter name (not your @name, but your display name) to TeukSora 1st Anniv

Click Setting >> Profile >> Name (change to TeukSora 1st Anniv)

so your display twitter will be like this :

3. Let’s join with all of TeukSora fans over the world to trend :

#TeukSora1year  at 11PM KST on September 30th. (Our trending –> #TeukSora1year + a message)


1. UNLOCK your account before you start tweeting! If your account is set to private, the hashtag will NOT count or show up. Publicize your account for one day, and after you can set it back to private.

2. Only ONE hashtag (#TeukSora1year) per tweet! Any more than that and it’s spam which means twitter will not count it (or may even blacklist the tweet so it can’t trend). Also, it’s annoying >__<.

3. A tweet MUST CONTAIN A MESSAGE. Anything with only a hashtag is considered spam, as well.

4. Also, write your OWN message. Do not just retweet the whole “quote” from others

Good tweets:

  • Happy Anniversary! All the best #TeukSora1year
  • #TeukSora1year TeukSora f5rever 
  • @Dimple_Couple I miss Leeteuk and Sora #TeukSora1year
  • Agree, let’s do it ^^! RT: @Dimple_Couple Let’s trend  #TeukSora1year

Bad tweets:

  • #TeukSora1year
  • #TeukSora1year #TeukSora1year
  • #TeukSora1year #TeukSora1year HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
  • RT: @Dimple_Couple Let’s trend  #TeukSora1year

4. Do NOT tweet beforehand! Don’t start the hashtag the night before. To trend, the hashtag must be kind of like a sudden avalanche within a relatively small amount of time (like over an hour). So make sure to start at 11PM KST as specified!

5. It’s not the number of tweets, it’s the number of people tweeting. You do not need to write a bazillion messages. We just need a bazillion people to write one message each. 🙂

TREND ZONE AND TIME (Please ask us if your country not mention here ^^)


Thank you so much and please spread this party invitations \(^____^)/!!


3 thoughts on “[NOTICE] TeukSora 1st Anniversary Project – Trending Twitter on September,30th 2012

  1. Hi, just changed my avatar and twitter name. I know super junior as a kpop group but i don’t know each one of their names. Watching WGM changed everything. I became their fan the moment i saw them at wgm. You may call me a late bloomer but as they say it’s better late than never. After Joongbo couple, teuksora captured my heart. I’ll be supporting them all the way! 🙂

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